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Canada-based criminal serves funny notice on Blitz

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Canada-based criminal serves funny notice on Blitz

Finally, the cat is out of the bag! Canada-based criminal and sacked military officer Shahidul Islam, who has been spreading concocted stories and lies against Bangladesh through several illegal channels on YouTube, has made a funny attempt of getting the report published in Blitz removed, which has earlier exposed his dark and dubious activities. Following publication of the investigative report in Blitz, a number of news portals as well as a few YouTube channels have also republished the entire content of Blitz, though unfortunately without giving credit to this newspaper.

As the contents published by Blitz are read by hundreds of thousands of readers from around the world, the Blitz news item captioned ‘Exposing a Canada-based criminal Shahidul Islam’ has also been read by a large number of readers, while authorities in Canada in particular have started investigating the allegations brought against Shahidul Islam in the report.


It may be mentioned here that, all the contents of this newspaper are instantly crawled by Google News, Yahoo News, Bing News, Baidu News, Opera News, MSN News, AOL News, News360, DuckDuckG0, World News (WN), and other major search engines. We are regularly quoted by most of the front-ranking news outlets around the world. We also have syndication and content exchange agreement with over 750 newspapers such as Hindustan Times, Afternoon Voice, Daily Nation, National Mirror, Nepali Times, Sunday Observer, The Sunday Guardian, and news agencies around the world.

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Leading news agencies such as Reuters, Lexis Nexis, Philippines News Agency, United News of India,  Antara News, Business Wire India, Khama Press, NewsWing, South East Asian News, News Tribe, UK Government Newsand others are regularly using contents of this newspaper. Blitz is quoted by majority of the international news outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, The Hill, The Organiser, The Outlook, The Business Standard, Zee News, Republic TV, Anandabazar Patrika, The Dawn, The Hindu, NDTV, The Guardian, Times of India, Indian Express, Bangkok Post, France24 TV, Berliner Zeitung, Arutz Sheva, Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel, Al Arabiya, Voice of America, Pressenza and many others. News outlets and researchers looking for references on issues related to counterterrorism regularly visit Blitz as our archive contains a large number of contents critical of terrorism, militancy, radical Islam and religious extremism.


The unscrupulous Shahidul Islam

For months, sitting in Canada’s Toronto city, sacked military officer Shahidul Islam has been running outrageous propaganda against Bangladesh and its democratically elected government as well as Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, members of her family and the Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI). By joining alliance with pro-Islamist BNP (Bangladesh Nationalist Party), Jamaat-e-Islami (JeB) and other anti-Bangladesh forces, Shahidul Islam has also been giving instigation for unseating the democratically elected government in Bangladesh through terrorist activities. Evidence of such activities of this man are available with us.

Scandelous Shahhidul Islam sent photograph of his laptop to Blitz

As his criminal activities were exposed in the Blitz report, a cunning Shahidul Islam made another funny attempt of intimidating this newspaper through a ridiculous ‘legal notice’ that he served by taking snapshots of his own ‘Toshiba’ laptop. Subsequently he even tried to sensationalize the matter by publishing a post on his Facebook account as ‘Breaking News’.


The ‘legal notice’ is sent from Shawn Islam & Associates, proclaiming as ‘International Law Office’, which is located at 520 Steeles Avenue West. Unit 1504. Vaughan. Ontario, L4J OH2. Canada. Phone number of this so-called law office is 647 785 4042 while its fax number is 416 690 1866.

In response to Blitz report that said, Shahidul Islam was sacked from the Bangladesh Army, the so-called legal notice said: “Foremost, please take into cognizance that Mr. Islam voluntarily resigned from the Bangladesh army, went for higher studies to the USA, was hired later by the government of Bangladesh to be the first secretary of the Bangladesh High Commission in the UK. His service records never have had anything negative your article claimed and portrayed. The other contents of your article are too are false, concocted, imaginative, conspiratorial and defamatory, to say the least”.


What are the “other contents” of Blitz report? We have brought number of allegations against him including boozing and womanizing as well as his connections with radical Islamic forces.

The Blitz report said: According to information, Shahidul was sacked from Bangladesh Army on a number of allegations including financial fraud, cheating various individuals as well as his connections in terror finance and supplying weapons to terrorist and separatist groups, including United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA). Few years ago, Shahidul Islam fled Bangladesh as he was under investigation for his involvement in terror finance and illegal arms dealings.


The report also said: “A Toronto-based journalist told this newspaper that, Shahidul Islam is an alcoholic and womanizer, who is found drunk during most part of the day. He also is seen with young girls, mostly African, Sri Lankan and Uzbek. The journalist further said, in 2019, Shahidul Islam was accused of getting a Sri Lankan girl named Prisha pregnant with the false promise of marrying. As the matter became public, Shahidul Islam found himself in trouble and he was facing pressure as the girl was still minor. Under Canadian law, having physical relations with a minor girl is illegal and punishable offense. Later, he was rescued from the complication by a former leader of Bangladesh Nationalist Party.

“Meanwhile, Shahidul Islam was approached by BNP leader Tarique Rahman’s man Towhidul Islam alias Ashiq Islam with the offer of joining the propaganda cell of the party in exchange for monthly payment. Being allured by the prospect of making extra cash, Shahidul Islam agreed to join BNP’s propaganda cell against the payment of US$ 500 for each of his appearances. At this stage, he was told that the party can increase the amount to US$ 1,000 per episode, if he can gather sensitive information from his contacts in Dhaka. A greedy Shahidul Islam instantly accepted the offer and started working on making concocted stories on various issues and claimed those to be “sensational leaks”. Although Tarique Rahman was told by his advisers and cohorts that Shahidul Islam was telling them unsubstantiated stories filled with lies, a screwed Tarique said “just use him. Don’t judge too much. He is an elderly person and people will believe his false stories as genuine”. Accordingly, Shahidul Islam started appearing on Dr. Kanak Sarwar’s YouTube channels with series of lies and concocted stories”.


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Here are few of the false claims, that the ‘legal notice’ has made:

It said, “His books are sold in all major book stalls of the world, and, are available in the Amazon, eBay, google, and other electronic platforms by searching ‘author Shahid Islam.’

Major book stalls? We have checked the fact and this claim has already been proved as false.

In the so-called legal notice, it is said: “The right to free expression is subject to reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society;


“Defamation refers to harming another person’s reputation by making a false written or oral statement about that person to a third party;

“Defamation with a permanent record, such as an email, a radio or TV broadcast, a newspaper, a website posting constitutes a libelous crime”.


If we even take these sentences of the so-called legal notice into consideration, it is Shahidul Islam who should be held responsible for violating the “right to free expression” by continuing nefarious propaganda against Bangladesh through YouTube channels. He should also be held responsible for abetting in criminal conspiracy against the democratically elected government in Bangladesh and for spreading lies against Bangladesh Army and Directorate General of Forces Intelligence.

We have already assigned our reporters to further investigate the case of Shahidul Islam and his law firm named Shawn Islam & Associates.

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