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Canadian immigrant cheats millions of people in Bangladesh

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Canadian immigrant cheats millions of people in Bangladesh

Sitting in Canada, an individual named S Md Jashimuddin Chisty has cheated millions of people in Bangladesh by opening an e-commerce company named ‘Dhamaka’, which actually is a fraudulent MLM (Multi-Level Marketing).

Our investigative reporters have found shocking information about S Md Jashimuddin Chisty. According to our findings, he is actively involved in money-laundering and dealing in drugs and transnational prostitution. A diehard activist of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), S Md Jashimuddin Chisty is maintaining regular contacts with anti-Bangladesh elements such as Captain (sacked) Shahidul Islam, Major (sacked) Delowar Hossain and Nagorik TV extortion-racket.

According to information obtained from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Bangladesh Police, during investigation it has been primarily proved that S Md Jashimuddin Chisty has smuggled-out few billion takas from Bangladesh, while it has already been proved that a part of these smuggled-out amount has also been deposited in a bank account in the United States.

Fraudulent ‘Dhamaka’ owner S Md Jashimuddin Chisty runs illegal activities in Dubai

CID source said, S Md Jashimuddin Chisty has smuggled-out 500 million takas from Bangladesh and deposited the amount in a bank in the US. Meanwhile, investigating officers of CID had asked S Md Jashimuddin Chisty to appear before them for giving response to inquiries, while the grand fraud S Md Jashimuddin Chisty has been skipping appearances under the false pretense of COVID.

Meanwhile, appearing on Facebook LIVE, grand fraud S Md Jashimuddin Chisty has repeatedly promised of refunding the amount his company Dhamaka had stolen from hundreds of thousands of innocent people, although a shrewd S Md Jashimuddin Chisty tried to put the total blame on one of his staffs named Sirajul Islam, who was working as the Chief Executive officer of this fraudulent venture.

In those LIVE appearances on Facebook, S Md Jashimuddin Chisty repeatedly made promises of refunding money that he and his company Dhamaka own to hundreds of thousands of people. Accordingly, when people, including several business houses contacted him asking refund of the dues, S Md Jashimuddin started playing dilly-dally and until date has not paid even a single taka to anyone.

Commenting on the fraudulent activities of S Md Jashimuddin Chisty, an official of Crown Creations, an agency that has run Dhamaka’s advertisements and sponsored contents of Dhamaka on several television and YouTube channels said, “Dhamaka owes over twenty million takas to Crown Creations. We have been repeatedly asking S Md Jashimuddin Chisty to refund our money. But he has been simply killing time with numerous excuses. Meanwhile, due to failure of S Md Jashimuddin Chisty and his company, we are facing serious pressure from the television channels, YouTube channels, as well those who had provided their dramas on credit for running on TV and YouTube channels with Dhamaka branding.

After cheating hundreds of thousands of people in Bangladesh, family members of S Md Jashimuddin Chisty are spending luxury excursion in Dubai

Crown Creations official said, they  have been repeatedly contacting S Md Jashimuddin Chisty on his mobile phone and WhatsApp number 1 (952) 239-4350 as well as officials of Dhamaka and Jashimuddin’s another company named ‘Invariant Telecom’

According to information, sitting in Canada, S Md Jashimuddin Chisty was actually running the entire show by placing Sirajul Islam at the front. Under the direction of S Md Jashimuddin Chisty, billions of takas were smuggled-out from Bangladesh to the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and few other countries.

S Md Jashimuddin Chisty alias Sunny Ray

Investigative reporters of BLiTZ has found, S Md Jashimuddin Chisty, the owner of fraudulent ‘Dhamaka’ suspiciously opened his Facebook ID under the name of Sunny Ray. On his Facebook ID, it is stated that S Md Jashimuddin Chisty has studied at St. Placid’s High School, Chittagong and Chittagong University.

Canada should immediately arrest and deport S Md Jashimuddin Chisty

According to information, S Md Jashimuddin Chisty runs numerous illegal activities in Dubai (the United Arab Emirates), while his men are running transnational money-laundering activities as well as drug and human trafficking rackets. We have obtained evidence about S Md Jashimuddin Chisty’s illegal activities in Dubai.

Canadian authorities should immediately begin investigation on S Md Jashimuddin Chisty and deport this fraud to Bangladesh. We also are drawing attention of the Canadian media as well as law enforcement agencies, including the Royal Canada Mounted Police (RCMP) to this important issue.

Ronju Sarkar

Ronju Sarkar is a Staff Correspondent of Blitz

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