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Canadian Muslim minister wants more immigrants


Canadian Muslim minister wants more immigrants

Politicalite Asia Bureau

We know about Somali-refugee turned Congresswoman Ilhan Omar in the United States, who is not leaving any stone unturned with her notorious mission of turning America into a sharia country. Ilhan, the granddaughter of a Somalian pirate faces multiple scandals including marrying her own brother. While patriotic Americans are trying to stop Ilhan, another Somali-refugee has become extremely active in Canada, who’s agenda is just the xerox copy of that of his Somali compatriot in the US.

Canada’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, a Somali refugee himself, “says he would like to see Canada welcome more refugees than it currently accepts and believes more of them should be able to enter through economic immigration programs”.

Hussen and the Liberal government have embraced open-door immigration policies, and they don’t disguise their intentions. In order to let as many refugees in as possible, with no thought to national security, nor for the future economic well-being of all Canadians, Hussen has found a “way to dramatically increase those levels.” He’s aiming to “open up economic immigration streams to refugees in addition to humanitarian programs”.

This has been a long-cherished desire of Hussen, who has earlier expressed this plan on the United Nation’s global migration plan.

Only in 2018, Canada has accepted 28,100 refugees for permanent resettlement, which is highest among all countries that resettled refugees from temporary locations abroad. This year, the number would be around 29,950, while the above figures do not include those asylum-seekers who land in Canada and gain protected status.

When Conservatives expressed concern about illegals swarming into the country, Hussen “took exception” to the term “illegals,” as he believes that anyone and everyone has a right to enter Canada without questions being asked. If anyone dares to ask questions, including taxpayers who are expected to foot the bill and face whatever threats that may enter Canada’s open doors, Hussen brands him or her a fearmonger.

According to June 20, 2019 report published in the Canadian Press, immigration minister Ahmed Hussen said, he wans Canada to accept more refugees as “economic immigrants”.

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