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Caravan invaders are getting weapons


Caravan invaders are getting weapons

Anita Mathur

The caravan of illegal migrant, comprising people with criminal and jihadist records moved slowly north advancing beyond the Mexican town of  Mapastepec in southeastern Chiapas state. The caravan set off Oct. 13 in Honduras and has made its way through Guatemala and southeastern Mexico, despite broiling temperatures and occasional downpours. At times, the group stretched out over several miles along the Pan-American Highway, which is bordered by mango and banana plantations and pasture carved out of the semi-jungle landscape. The migrants walk and seek rides from motorists and truck drivers, and occasionally jump on public transportation. Some young men hitch rides on semi-trailers, a hazardous maneuver.

Upon reaching a town, the caravan members typically rest for an evening or more, often staying on streets and in plazas and parks, seeking out shade and shelter. Aid groups, church volunteers and local families have provided food, water and other necessities. Neither Mexican police nor immigration officials have made a concerted effort to deter the group.

President Donald Trump had tweeted saying “criminals and unknown Middle Easterners are mixed” in with the migrant caravan, later adding that there are some “very tough criminal elements in the caravan.”

Fox News host Pete Hegseth said, ISIS members may have joined the caravan, referring to a recent claim by Guatemala’s president that his government had arrested and deported “over 100 ISIS fighters.”


Commenting on the illegal migrants in the caravans, editor of Blitz and internationally acclaimed multi-award winning anti militancy journalist and counterterrorism specialist, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury said, “According to my own research and several evidences, there are hundreds of hardened criminals and members of radical Islamic jihadist outfits in the caravans. These people are hired, funded and briefed by certain quarters to somehow enter the American soil and create total anarchy. In most cases, funders already have committed or paid substantial amount of cash to the family members of these caravan guys in exchange of them either turning into lone wolves or even suicide attackers.”

He said, “In my opinion, the United States authorities need to seriously look into this matter and initiate immediate measures, including sealing their borders to stop these hardened criminals from entering the US. Some of these illegal migrants also are receiving weapon from their patrons, leaving a huge threat to America’s national security.”

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