Chhattisgarh Election 2023: The one who captured Bastar, his government was formed in Chhattisgarh, this area is special


Chhattisgarh Assembly Election 2023: Assembly elections are to be held in Chhattisgarh this year, for which BJP and Congress have geared up. It is said that the way to the throne of Delhi passes through UP. Similarly, the path to power in Chhattisgarh passes through Bastar. So let’s take a look at this area. Chhattisgarh is divided into five divisions, one of which is Bastar. On hearing the name of Bastar, the word Naxalite starts echoing in people’s mind.

There are 12 assembly seats in Bastar, which is called the Naxal belt, to win which the BJP and the Congress are trying their best. If we look at the 2018 elections, 12 seats in Bastar went to the account of the Congress and it formed the government in the state. Whereas in this election also, the Congress seems completely sure of winning the 12 assembly seats in Bastar. At the same time, the BJP is also claiming to demolish this fort of the Congress by raising the slogan ‘Ours’ on all these 12 seats.

Bastar did not develop in 5 years, claims BJP

It is believed that the ladder to get the power of Chhattisgarh is climbed from Bastar only. The 12 assembly seats of Bastar are very special in the assembly elections. This is the reason why in the first phase of elections, elections are held in Bastar first. All the parties are seen sweating to win these 12 seats. In the 2018 elections, Congress had captured all the 12 seats in Bastar.

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Congress will definitely return

Along with the BJP, the Congress is also claiming to win all the 12 assembly seats in Bastar. Bastar’s leader and state’s Excise Minister Kawasi Lakhma has given his response in this context. He has said that the development of Bastar which could not be done in 15 years under the BJP rule, the Congress government has done it in five years and has won the trust of the people. He said that Congress will win all the seats in this division and our party will form the government in the state.

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