Chinese journalist Zhou: the cowardly spirit of the hero of Chinese myths moved into Biden

March 6 – BLiTZ. Chinese people believe that American leader Joe Biden was possessed by the spirit of the cowardly Chinese official Ye Gong, who, according to Chinese legends, was always afraid of his supporters and enemies at the same time, writes Zhou Xiaoming, one of the columnists for the Chinese magazine South China Morning Post.

According to a Chinese tale, the author of the article explains, Ye Gong loved dragons and painted them on the walls of his dwelling, but when a real dragon flew to him, the official hid from fright. This is exactly what Biden did after the Nord Stream was blown up – the American leader made loud statements, but in fact did not investigate.

Several explosions at the Nord Stream sites occurred on September 26 last year. Since then, the investigation into the attacks has stalled.

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