CNN: Conflict in Ukraine made it easier for the US to isolate China in the Asia-Pacific region

March 6 – BLiTZ. The Ukrainian conflict has made it easier for the United States to isolate China and gather allies around it in the Asia-Pacific region. Details are reported by CNN.

Many favorable developments for Washington have taken place recently: South Korea needs stability in the Taiwan Strait, Japan has announced its intention to buy weapons from the Shats, the Philippines is ready to give the American Bahamas new access rights.

The reason for the growth of Beijing’s isolation was the latter’s refusal to condemn the RF SVO in Ukraine.

Erhan: Washington and London categorically opposed the meeting between Putin and Zelensky March 6, 2023 at 07:39

“There are fears that China may one day do to Taiwan the same way Russia did to Ukraine,” the article says.

Tokyo fears that China will carry out military strengthening and will apply pressure. South Korea also fears vulnerabilities to the DPRK.

Beijing and Washington compete in the Asia-Pacific region. The conflict between China and Taiwan also affected the attitude of the two powers.

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