Coconut Motion Pictures Co Family Viewing Movie “Busshirt T-Shirt”


face: Coconut Motion Pictures has always been known for family entertainers and their latest film ‘Busshirt T-Shirt’ has managed to impress the audience. The film takes the viewers away from the daily hassles in life to a magical world of joy and laughter.

The film appeals to audiences of all ages and has something unique to offer for everyone. Producer Mr. Rashmin Majithia said, “Our films have always presented different emotions that we experience in our lives, but comedy films have become our forte. It is very easy to make people emotional, but it is difficult to make hundreds of people laugh at once. There it is a completely different experience. We will continue to make such pure comedy films in future as well and these films will continue to live up to the expectations of the audience. The audience will not be able to stop laughing whenever they watch the film.

The story of the film revolves around the Pandya family. Chaos reigns in the world of the Pandya family and laughter is the solution to every problem! As the name suggests, the ‘Busshirt T-shirt depicts two contrasting ideologies between a father and his son.’ With lots of unexpected situations, incidents, drama and emotions, the film guarantees laughs every second from start to finish.

Coconut Motion Pictures has won the hearts of the audience through two of the highest grossing films in the Gujarati film industry, Chaal Jeevi Laiye and Kahevatlal Parivar.

‘Bushart T-Shirt’ is a bold attempt and a proud step forward to propel the Gujarati film industry towards its success.

‘Bushart T- Shirt’ is not just a film, it is a celebration, a joyous celebration of family and fun memories with hilarious moments and life will continue to be like this! The film will be releasing in your nearest cinema houses on 5th May 2023.

Film Credits:

Banner: Coconut Motion Pictures

Producer: Rashmin Majithia

Director: Ishan Randeria

Cast: Siddharth Randeria, Kamlesh Ojha, Vandana Pathak, Riva Rachha and others

Music: Sachin- Jigar

Trailer: Bushirt T-shirt:

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