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February 28, 2023, 14:25 – BLiTZ – News

Military expert, Colonel Sergei Khatylev said that the Russian military is at risk of being attacked by chemical weapons from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This expert opinion expressed in an interview with journalists of “People’s News”.

Khatylev noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are already using chemical weapons, violating all global conventions. So, according to the colonel, the Ukrainian army is trying to resist the successful destruction of the Russian Armed Forces of weapons supplied by Western countries.

“There are agreements, there are documents that prohibit the use of chemical weapons. Nevertheless, Ukrainians violate them. Naturally, at the suggestion and with the cover of the United States of America. And why? From impotence. Why is there talk about nuclear weapons? Because conventional weapons do not work. Today four tanks arrived from Poland. One has already been destroyed. The question arises about the use of aviation. Tomorrow they will talk not only about chemical and nuclear weapons, but also about plasma. There is a great desire of the West to crush and destroy Russia,” Khatylev noted.

As the military expert noted, Russia needs to prepare for such provocations, since 33 US laboratories operate around the country. According to Khatylev, the Americans managed to find a way to circumvent international prohibitions, and the Russian armed forces need to prepare for any kind of provocation.

“We have to fight them with their methods. If we do not sweep them away, then we will be swept away. We destroyed our chemical weapons practically by agreement, and the Americans put them in a warehouse,” the colonel added.

Separately, Khatylev commented on the intensification of the campaign against the supply of weapons to Ukraine. In various European countries, residents oppose military support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, urging the parties to sit down at the negotiating table.

“There is already a heat full of passions, and people are beginning to understand that the point of no return is approaching,” the expert believes.

On February 22, former US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan said that the Russian Armed Forces were preparing to use chemical weapons against the Ukrainian military. Earlier, American politicians reported that boxes with chemical danger signs were found in Kramatorsk.

On February 28, the head of the radiation, chemical and biological protection troops of the Russian Armed Forces, Igor Kirillov, during a briefing by the Ministry of Defense, confirmed the facts about the impending provocation by the Ukrainian military. According to Kirillov, they are supported by the United States, and involve the use of military psychotropic poisonous agent B-Zet.

“The B-Zet agent is a US Army standard poison agent and was widely used during the Vietnam War,” Kirillov said.

He noted that NATO countries used the substance, including during armed conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The chemical causes acute psychosis, disorientation and hallucinations in a healthy person. Bi-Zet is included in the list of controlled substances of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Earlier, biotechnologist Igor Nikulin announced the use of a psychotropic substance by the Armed Forces of Ukraine against Russian soldiers. Read more about this in our material.

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