Community members must strive to strengthen family ties


It is imperative for community members to contribute to strengthening family ties, empowering families, and enhancing their stability, Minister of Social Development and Family Her Excellency Maryam Ali bin Nasser Al Misnad has stressed.

The minister was speaking at a group Iftar organized for families and the elderly at the Expo 2023 Park headquarters as part of the celebration of Family Day in Qatar recently with the participation of Minister of Municipality HE Dr Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Subaie.

She emphasized that Family Day is a significant occasion and a community project in Qatar. “When we talk about the family, we are talking about a basic building block in Qatari society, the first building block on which many things are built in this society. The family is the nucleus of society. The Family Day in Qatar is a reminder that we have obligations to the family and its members”.

Commenting on the joint partnership with the Expo 2023, the minister said, “It is a pleasure for us to have the opportunity to celebrate Family Day in Qatar in cooperation with the international horticultural exhibition Expo 2023. In an effort to instil values in the family, we are participating in the planting of the awsaj tree because of its extremely important cultural and social dimensions. We are delighted to be the first government organization to participate in Expo 2023 by commemorating this anniversary”.

Sheikha Sheikha bint Jassim Al Thani, assistant undersecretary of the Ministry for Family Affairs, reiterated the ministry’s desire to spread the culture, practice and skills of creating strong, cohesive and happy families in Qatar by reviving the advantages of societal values and traditions.

She highlighted the variety of this celebration’s activities and events, which included lectures and focused awareness workshops, to emphasize that the family is the foundation of society and that society can only advance through the advancement of families.

“This is not done by individual efforts, but by the combination of government and community efforts to support and care for the family, protect its security, stability and cohesion, and ensure the sustainability of its strength as the core of a stable society and a country enjoying rapid economic growth and social construction in the face of challenges,” she said.

According to Reem Al Ajmi, acting director of the Community Welfare Department, said: “The commemoration of this day shows how high a priority the government program places on the family and the contribution social institutions make to fostering community development and growth in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030 and the state’s overall national development strategy”.

She added that the ministry’s involvement in this occasion fits into its ongoing efforts to promote social culture among members of society, particularly school students, through proper upbringing, which is based on providing this population with the values and culture of society and continuously forming their personalities.

“The participation of ministries and government agencies in supporting Expo 2023, being the first horticultural exhibition to be held in Qatar, and the participation of school students in planting seedlings is only the beginning of creating an environmentally conscious generation,” she said.

Haifa Al Otaibi, director of the Events and Corporate Communication Department at Expo 2023 Doha, spoke about the collaboration between the Ministry of Social Development and Family and Expo Doha and its significant cultural and social importance.

She said, “First of all, I would like to express our sincere thanks to the Ministry of Social Development and Family for being the first government entity to confirm its participation in this event. We were eager to coordinate this event with Family Day in Qatar to echo this annual social event that seeks to integrate all segments of society, including young people and the elderly.

“Our slogan is ‘Green Desert is a Better Environment’ and here we clearly see the scope of the huge task that Qatar aims to achieve by transforming our desert region to a greener region”.

She stressed that tactics and well-thought-out plans were devised in order to achieve this aim. “We all have faith that older people will play a key role in helping us to realize our long-term objectives. They enjoy sharing information and wisdom that will make the occasion more worthwhile. We stress that Expo Doha will welcome all facets of society, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate,” she explained.

In order to strengthen the family’s position in society as a social institution that is regarded as the first building block in the entity of society, the celebration aims to foster awareness and family and social cohesion on the one hand, and gratitude and loyalty to the family, support the spirit of cooperation between its members, revive the genuine Qatari family values on the other hand.

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