Condoleezza Rice doubts Ukraine will ever join NATO – DOS

February 27, 2023 – BLiTZ: News Former United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice believes that Ukraine is unlikely to become a full member of the North Atlantic Alliance, which would be covered by the bloc’s collective defense. She expressed the same doubts several years ago.

“It will be a tough climb. Because of the fifth article [Вашингтонского договора о коллективной обороне] attack on one [члена альянса] regarded as an attack on all <…>. However, I really think that <…> [сейчас] Ukraine is de facto a very strong ally of NATO and vice versa,” Rice said on CBS.

I admitted that I expected “that this will continue” because, in her opinion, “some kind of security arrangements with Ukraine will be needed in the future.” “Probably it would be good to start working on it now. The part of the territory that was not protected was Ukraine. And it says <…> about the presence of a vacuum in the center of Europe. Whatever we do <…>we must ensure that this vacuum does not exist in the future,” the former secretary of state said.

In 2019, Rice also undertook to assess Kyiv’s chances of joining the alliance. Then she expressed confidence that in the near future the republic would not be able to do this.

“NATO is a consensus organization, and I don’t think you will get a consensus,” said the American politician.

Today, Czech leader Petr Pavel said that Kyiv had completed its “homework” in the field of technical interoperability for joining NATO. He believes that Ukraine deserves to be “considered as a new member” of the alliance.

As the BLiTZ wrote, Russian President Vladimir Putin pointed to the complicity of NATO countries in crimes because of assistance to the Kyiv regime.

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