Consumers will get compensation on unnecessary loadshedding in Bihar, know how much amount will be received and where to apply


Patna. In the Electricity Act, consumers have been given the right to get uninterrupted electricity for 24 hours. If unnecessary or deliberate load shedding of electricity is done in any area, the consumer can claim compensation. Not only this, the consumer is entitled to compensation even if various services related to electricity are not provided within the stipulated time limit (SOP). But, due to complications, consumers are not able to take advantage of them.

Executive Engineer’s responsibility to follow

Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission has made a provision in 2012 itself that if discoms deviate from SOP in providing services, one or more affected consumers can apply by registered post or by hand with receipt to the electrical executive engineer of the concerned supply area. Are. The executive engineer will give a receipt for the application and fix the amount of compensation within 30 days. Discoms will recover this amount from the officials-employees who have defaulted in service. This claim letter is to be made available free of cost in every office.

Center said – develop automatic mechanism

The Central Government’s Ministry of Power had directed the regulatory commissions of all states to develop an automatic mechanism for compensation claims and payments within six months. But, till now notification in this regard has not been done at the level of discoms. Under this, online facility was to be developed, where the affected consumers could register for the claim of compensation amount. Since DISCOMs do online monitoring of the entire system, it will be easy for them to monitor it as well.

Claim compensation for not getting these services on time

Non-receipt of power supply as per the time prescribed by the Regulatory Commission

Interruption of power supply more often than prescribed

Long connection, disconnection, reconnection or shifting times

longer load change times

Long time taken to edit customer details

Time taken to replace faulty meters

Bill not received on time

Bill related errors not resolved on time

Electricity infrastructure will be strong in Bihar, Rs 24000 crore will be spent on these schemes including smart meters

Fixed standard time and compensation amount for services

Services – Standard Time – Compensation Amount

Common Fuse Call- Urban within 4 hours, Rural within 24 hours – Rs 50 per day of delay

Cable Fault (Upper)- Urban within 6 hours, Rural within 36 hours – Rs 50 per day of delay

Cable fault (underground)- Urban within 24 hours, Rural within 48 hours – Rs.50 per day of delay

Malfunction of distribution transformer- Urban within 24 hours, Rural within 72 hours – Rs 100 per day of delay

Maximum power supply at a time- Not exceeding 12 hours – Rs 100 per day of delay (must restore supply before 6 PM)

voltage drop- Within 10 days – Rs 100 per day of delay

replacement of faulty meters Within seven days – Rs 100 per day of delay

New connection and load increase Within 30 days – Rs.100 per day of delay

Change of ownership or change of service Within seven days – Rs.100 per day of delay

Settlement of electricity bill complaint- 24 hours to 7 days – Rs.50 per day of delay

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