Controversial film actress Pori Moni faces blowback


Pori Moni, a controversial actress of Dhaka film industry has possibly started facing blowback of her self-contradictory statements, both to the media and the law enforcement agencies, centering an incident that took place on June 9, 2021 at Dhaka Boat Club. Although Pori Moni has filed a case accusing Boat Club’s official and Jatiyo Party leader Nasir Uddin Mahmood of physically assaulting her and even making attempts of rape and murder, a recently leaked video clip of the incident, which was aired on Independent Television shows, Pori Moni drinking liquor inside Dhaka Boat Club with her two accomplices – Jimmy and Omy. In the video it is also seen, the controversial actress of Dhaka film industry is demanding another bottle of foreign liquor, while Dhaka Boat Club’s official Nasir Uddin Mahmood is telling Pori Moni, she cannot buy foreign liquor from the club (‘আপনি কোনো বিদেশি মদ নিতে পারবেন না।’). Hearing this, Pori Moni went mad at Nasir Uddin while Nasir is heard saying: “What is this? Please stop it. Don’t do this. It’s too much”. In reply, Pori Moni used abusive words saying “Hey you, get out of here (‘অ্যাই যা…যা! বেরিয়ে যা!’)”. Onwards Pori Moni went into ransacking the club properties. She smashed glass, plates and even threw a bottle at Nasir Uddin.

Earlier, in another CCTV footage of the Dhaka Boat Club it is seen, Pori Moni, along with Jimmy and Omy stepped down from a black vehicle at 12:22 am and entered the club premises.

It was also revealed that, prior to her visiting Dhaka Boat Club, Pori Moni, along with several individuals, including a scandalous drama director had consumed liquor at the residence of the actress. Media reports claimed, Pori Moni is having a bar inside her Dhaka house, which is filled with foreign liquor. Despite publication of such report with supporting photographs, law enforcement agencies did not raid the residence of this controversial actress and seize illegal liquors from her possession.

Prior to Dhaka Boat Club incident, Pori Moni has committed similar offenses inside Gulshan All Community Club, although the management of the club did not press any complaint in this regard. CCTV footage of this incident was also leaked to the media.

Meanwhile, based on a number of reports published in Blitz, National Board of Revenue has initiated an investigation into the actual source of income of Pori Moni as she has been spending millions of takas towards buying super-luxury vehicles as well as foreign tours, despite the fact of eve not earning a fraction of such spent amount. Sources inside National Board of Revenue said, from media reports is seems, the Dhaka film actress has been regularly dodging income tax, which is a punishable offence. The source further said it will also investigate the actual amount Pori Moni has spent during her foreign tours, while NBR will also check her bank accounts at home and abroad.

According to Film Producers and Distributors Association as well as Film Directors Association, Pori Moni has so far worked in total 30 movies, wherefrom she might have earned approximately BDT 9-1.20 million. These sources said, for an actress, whose total income since she stepped into the film industry is BDT 9-1.20 million, it is extremely surprisingly as to how she had managed buying several expensive vehicles, including an Italian made super-luxury car by spending an amount exceeding BDT 60-70 million.

They said, in addition to spending BDT 60-70 million, Pori Moni has been living a lavish life and spending millions of takas every month.

The entire matter now should be immediately investigated by the National Board of Revenue, Bangladesh Bank and Anti Corruption Commission.

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Ronju Sarkar
Ronju Sarkar
Ronju Sarkar is a Staff Correspondent of Blitz

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