Crimean Senator Sergei Tsekov called NATO’s plans to seize Crimea meaningless

March 1 – BLiTZ. Former commander of US forces in Europe, retired officer Ben Hodges said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine should first capture the Crimea, and then the Donbass. According to Crimean Senator Sergei Tsekov, Ukraine will not be able to implement such plans.

Hodges explained that the North Atlantic Alliance will provide the Armed Forces with all the necessary weapons. The member of the Federation Council believes that it is not worth paying attention to the words of a retired officer, since they do not have any weight.

“They haven’t won any wars, they can’t do anything themselves. Therefore, they tell tales about the “seizure” of Crimea, ”Tsekov quotes portal “People’s News”.

He admitted that Hodges’ ideas are surprising.

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