the authors of “Attack on Titan” showed AMV with a song from the finale of the anime

March 4 – BLiTZ. According to the publisher, “”, for connoisseurs of Japanese animated films, important information appeared on the network. It says that the creators of the popular anime “Attack on Titan” filmed a video for a song by the popular Japanese rock band SiM called UNDER THE TREE.

A rapper from KhMAO recorded a track with an American musician February 28, 2023 at 16:03

The video for this song has become the new official trailer for the finale of the Japanese animation film. The video itself, provided by the authors of the anime, was created in AMV format. The main components of the clip are shots from Attack on Titan. It is known that for the introductory part of the animated film, another song by a Japanese rock band was used.

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