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Cyberterrorists remain untouched in Bangladesh

While activities of cyberterrorists is on rise on social media platforms law enforcement agencies are gradually showing reluctance in nabbing these culprits despite the fact these cyberterrorists are spreading rumor and even offensive posts targeting Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, cabinet members, leaders of ruling Awami League and pro-Bangladesh media. During the past several days investigative reporters at Blitz have identified several cyberterrorists who are directly connected with anti-state elements as well as entities who, sitting in foreign countries are running vile propaganda against Bangladesh.

On October 15, 2022, Blitz sent an email to the Cyber Crime unit of the Detective Branch of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) giving specific information about notorious activities of several cyberterrorists. Until filing of this report, DMP neither responded to this complaint nor has taken any action against the criminals. It may be mentioned here that recently government sent 3 senior officers of Bangladesh Police on forced retirement for their connections with anti-government elements, including Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Jamaat-e-Islami.

Bangladesh Police headquarters has taken a hardline based on information that a section of officers is leaking classified information and decisions of the government to the opposition forces. A number of intelligence agencies and special units of Bangladesh Police have started investigations to identify these anti-government officers. Meanwhile, activities of more than 200 policemen have already been brought under strict surveillance. The intelligence agencies are trying to monitor their movements, including what they are doing, who they talk to on mobile phones, and who they send text messages to.

Meanwhile, intelligence agencies are scrutinizing political affiliation of several police officers who were promoted recently. It is alleged that plenty of them were involved in pro-Jamaat and pro-BNP politics during their student life. Their relatives are associated with Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and Jamaat-e-Islami politics. They managed getting promoted by lobbying in various ways. After informing the top echelons of the government about such allegations, an initiative has been taken to scrutinize records of these officers again. Intelligence agencies are already working on it.

Meanwhile, a section of local media claims, there is standstill in civil and police administration as there is fear amongst them of being exposed of their connections with anti-government forces. Some of the members of the civil service and police administration even are openly expressing anger at media outlets which are exposing notorious activities of anti-government cyber criminals as well as their cohorts.

Despite the fact that Awami League is in power since 2009, a large number of individuals who were actively involved with BNP-Jamaat politics during their student life has succeeded in getting melted in the administration and are currently occupying important positions in the civil administration. As the next general election is getting nearer, these officers have increased their communications with BNP-Jamaat men, while they also are frequently meeting them in various places. A source said, some of the officers even are contributing donation during each of the ongoing rallies of Bangladesh Nationalist Party.

It is also learnt from credible source that a number of retired military officers also are involved in anti-government activities, while they are maintaining communications with suspicious individuals abroad including anti-Bangladesh cyberterrorists.

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