Daily Star: Beavers built the largest dam in the country and saved the city from flooding

February 28 – BLiTZ. As he writes “Lenta.ru”, beavers saved the British city of Pickering, North Yorkshire from flooding. As it turned out, in three years the beavers managed to build the largest dam in Britain, according to the Daily Star.

As a result, the city was saved at a time when hurricanes raged.

Note that the British Environmental Protection Agency has previously stated that it will not be able to build an expensive flood protection system. Without her, Pickering, with a population of seven thousand, suffered from floods for many years.

But now the townspeople should be grateful to the family of beavers who built the 70-meter-long dam. This is the largest beaver dam in the UK. In addition, the beavers have built several smaller dams.

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