Dead body of class 10 girl student found in Firozabad, relatives expressed fear of murder after rape, police engaged in investigation


Firozabad. In Suhag Nagri, the dead body of a Class X girl student was found in the field on Saturday. According to the condition of the girl’s body, half of her clothes were on her body. A scarf was tied around the neck and both the lips were completely cut off. The scarf had tightened her throat so badly that the girl’s eyes had popped out. On Friday, a 16-year-old girl student was missing from her home since 3 pm and her family members were looking for her. After getting the dead body of the girl student, there is chaos among the family members. Last Saturday, the dead body of a Class 10 girl student was found lying in a village field under Tundla police station area of ​​Firozabad.

The girl was missing since 3 pm on Friday

The girl was missing from her house since around 3 pm on Friday afternoon. The family members were searching for him. After this, people informed the family members about getting the dead body of their daughter, then the relatives reached the spot and identified the dead body. After getting the dead body, there is chaos among the family members on one side. At the same time, there is a lot of anger among the villagers about this incident. In such a situation, the police has been deployed in the village. The body of the girl student was sent for postmortem and when its report came, shocking facts came to the fore. According to the report, there are scratch marks on the body of the student. There are scratch marks everywhere from stomach to back. Seeing which it is being guessed that the girl student would have been dragged on the back and stomach in the field.

scars on neck and chest

There are marks of being hit with a sharp object on the leg of the student. The throat and chest are also targeted. These marks seem to be of nail and teeth bites. Both the lips of the student have been cut off. It is believed that the girl’s lip has been attacked several times with some heavy object. The mother of the victim student told that the daughter had gone on Friday morning to attend the Bhagwat being held in the village. She had gone home after having breakfast and came back after about 3 hours, then started talking about feeling hungry. After this, I gave him dal, rice and roti. After having food, she wandered outside for some time and then came back and slept.

Police investigating the incident

After about 1 hour, when she woke up from sleep, she started saying that I am going out of work, I will come in some time. After finishing work, I also went to Bhagwat. But when I came back home at 4:00 pm, the daughter was not at home. I asked his brother that where is your sister, he said that he does not know, she has not come home yet. After this started searching for the daughter, asked people around but no one had seen her. It was morning while searching for the daughter. But he was not found anywhere. We were going to inform the police about the daughter’s disappearance.

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Fear of murder after rape

Meanwhile, a young man from the village came and said that your daughter’s body was found in the field. We reached the spot where we found the dead body of our daughter. The student’s mother says that her daughter has been brutalized and then killed. Firozabad’s SP City Sarvesh Kumar Mishra says that the body of the student was recovered from the field on Saturday. Apart from the family members, the people of the village are also being questioned in the case. At the same time, there is a possibility of murder after the rape of the family members. Soon this matter will be disclosed.

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