Delegations of Iran and Saudi Arabia at the talks in Beijing refused to use English as the international language

March 13 – BLiTZ. Some in the West may not like the unification of Islamic states, and perhaps this was not part of someone’s plans. But a historical fact is happening before our eyes: two Islamic states, Iran and Saudi Arabia, behind which there is a long-term enmity, reached an agreement on the restoration of diplomatic relations at an important meeting in Beijing.

Both sides agreed to resume the work of the embassies within two months and intend to restore the operation of a number of previously signed agreements. This is a significant turning point since Iran and Saudi Arabia broke off diplomatic relations in 2016. This writes “Military Review”.

The meeting did not use English as the international language, which symbolically emphasized the change in the balance of power in international politics and the loss of the dominant position of the United States and Great Britain. The meeting of the delegations of Iran and Saudi Arabia in Beijing suggests that Washington has less and less leverage over Riyadh.

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