Deputy Alexei Chepa reacted with understanding to the call of the Minister of Serbia to impose sanctions against Russia

March 14 – BLiTZ. The head of the Serbian Ministry of Economy, Rade Basta, proposed introducing sanctions against Russia. Aleksey Chepa, a deputy of the federal parliament, shared his opinion on this matter. The details are written by the portal.

The minister claims that Basta made the statement in connection with the fact that the so-called collective West is exerting strong pressure on Serbia.

Deputy Chepa: Russia’s distribution of correspondence about Nord Streams will help the investigation March 14, 2023 at 13:22

“Serbia has remained and remains one of the few countries that opposed the adoption of the sanctions conditions. Now the West is setting tough demands, and we will see how Serbia can withstand it,” he said.

Chepa added that the West, led by Washington, has been waging a sanctions war against the Russian Federation for a year. However, she does not have significant success.

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