Destroy the evil nexus of anarchists, terrorists and anti-Bangladesh forces

When on March 26th, Bangladesh was celebrating its golden jubilee of independence, an evil nexus of anarchists, terrorists and anti-Bangladesh forces, with the active support from Pakistani spy agency Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) were exhibiting unforgivable audacity of anarchism, vandalism and even attacks on the pro-liberation forces as well as Hindus in the country, which some notorious culprits sitting abroad were trying to use as an opportunity of ousting the democratically elected government in the country through Iran’s Ayatollah Rohullah Khomeini patterned “Islamist revolution”. This poisonous nexus even went further by showing Al Qaeda or Islamic State (ISIS) type notoriety by making foul bids of demonizing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi – a great friend of Bangladesh. 

Narendra Modi has shown utmost sincerity and genuine friendship towards the people of Bangladesh and our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, with his presence in our golden jubilee celebration, which definitely has made all of us extremely grateful and thankful to the leader of our friendly neighbor. The way the evil nexus of anarchists, terrorists and anti-Bangladesh forces have shown extreme audacity by spreading venom of hatred, anarchism and terrorist acts should be handled with an iron hand and those perpetrators of such heinous crime should face stern legal consequences.

Commenting on the unforgivable notoriety during the golden jubilee celebration of the independence of Bangladesh, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr Benazir Ahmed said, “Hefazat-e-Islam had attempted to stigmatize the golden jubilee of independence”.

The notorious nexus even went further by attacking a police station in Chattogram district, abducted Hussain Muhammad Farabi, Assistant Superintendent of Police, and Md Nurul Alam, inspector of police – severely injured them and even tried to murder these senior police officers. Similarly, a constable on duty was taken-away while a sub-inspector was also brutally beaten. According to the IGP, thousands of madrassa students were involved in this gruesome attack on the police station. During this attack, Md Mehedi Hasan, sub-inspector of police was also critically injured.

Culprits and their instigators of these notoriety should not be spared

Screeshot of Shahana Rashid’s anti-state status on Facebook

While countrywide mayhem of Hefazat-e-Islam men joined by members of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Jamaat-e-Islami, Hizbut Tahrir and other anti-Bangladesh forces were continuing, several culprits were seen giving instigation to such heinous crime by posting anti-Modi and anti-government video statements on social media as well as video-sharing platforms, clearly with the ulterior agenda of spreading the notoriety further. There had also been instigations from India’s West Bengal, as Mamata Banerjee and her comrades in Trinamool Congress as well as the leftist hooligans were making frantic bids of spreading the anti-Modi and anti-Bangladesh anarchism throughout the country. Trinamool Congress and Hizbul Mujahedin linked individuals in Bangladesh were also seen calling upon people to wage jihad against Modi’s visit.

Case of a terror-funder, money launderer and instigator

According to reports in Dhaka newspapers, a woman named Shahana Rashid, who is allegedly a terror-funder, money launderer, crime godmother with connections with Trinamool Congress, militancy groups in West Bengal and Bangladesh was posting video statements on Facebook giving instigations of spreading terrorism in the name of anti-Modi “protests” throughout Bangladesh. Shahana’s connections with Trinamool and militants in West Bengal started several years ago, when she visited India and held secret meetings with suspicious individuals in Kolkata. Her son, Sajal Mahmud Ony abducted an Indian national named Sanjib Saha in 2012 and demanded ransom after brutally torturing him inside a floor at their house in Dhaka’s Uttara area. Ony also has been openly publishing posts on Facebook in favor of Pakistan.

It was also reported in the media that Shahana and her Jamaat-e-Islami cohorts had pilled huge stock of flammable chemicals and explosive gel [also may be gun powder] in a secret warehouse at her house.

Shahana Rashid’s meeting with Indian nationals in Kolkata

She also has been allegedly funding militancy groups in Malaysia while her youngest son Shamol Mahmood Anjan is a student of LimKokWing University, which is branded as breeding ground of jihadists and racists. Furthermore, specific allegations of money laundering against Shahana is currently under investigation by authorities concerned of Bangladesh Bank and National Board of Revenue.

Moreover, Shahana’s youngest son Shamol Mahmood (Anjan) is allegedly running several fake accounts on Facebook and Instagram, which he uses for blackmailing and maligning various individuals. Blitz already has obtained specific evidences of these fake IDs. Moreover, Anjan is accused of blackmailing females by making them victims of his false romantic trap. We have evidence of such activities as well.

Some newspaper reports claimed, Shahana Rashid, who hails from Barisal district is also connected to a sacked military officer named Shahid Uddin Khan – a wanted person by Interpol on allegation of terror-funding, money laundering and connections with Islamic State. According to reports in the international media, Shahid Uddin Khan had sent substantial amount of fund to ISIS men in Sri Lanka prior to Eastern Sunday bombing attacks. British authorities did not take any action against this notorious individual, although he has been continuing terrorist activities, including giving instigations of staging coup against the Bangladesh government – through social media and YouTube. Despite the fact that such notoriety should have resulted in legal actions and deportation of Shahid Uddin Khan, London so far has been maintaining surprising silence. Khan’s notoriety was also exposed by prestigious British newspaper The Sunday Times in 2019. Indian media had also published reports about investigation into the case of Khan’s connections with Dawood Ibrahim and his infamous D Company.

Abduction of Indian national

According to credible media reports, Shahana’s son Sajal Mahmud Ony had abducted Indian national Sanjib Saha at the instruction of Pakistani ISI, while he also was assigned of carrying out attacks on Indian diplomats and individuals in Dhaka. Ony is also connected to Myanmar-based Yaba trafficking and distribution racket under the disguise of “rehab” member. Several years ago, Ony had published his photograph holding a foreign-made short weapon, possibly with the motive of drawing attention of prospective buyers. Forensic of his computers and mobile phones will prove these criminal actions.

In 2012 Shahana Rashid’s son Sajal Mahmud Ony abducted an Indian national

It is also learned that, at the advice of Shahid Uddin Khan, Sajal Mahmud Ony made an attempt of going to Britain by secretly marrying a UK national, although he was having another wife in Bangladesh. The reason behind this London-trip possibly because, fugitive Shahid Uddin Khan wanted a face-to-face meeting with Shahana’s son, to give him any secret assignment – some terrorist act or even high-profile assassination plot in UK.

Bangladesh government as well as law enforcement and intelligence agencies should initiate immediate investigation into the case of Shahana Rashid and her sons and bring the culprits under legal actions. Forensic of their computers and mobiles will help the investigators in unearthing more criminal activities of this notorious family.

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