Devotees rush to see Bageshwar Baba in the hotel room where he stayed in Patna


The five-day Patna tour of Dhirendra Krishna Shastri, Peethadhish of Bageshwar Dham, has come to an end. From 13 to 17 May, Bageshwar Baba organized Hanumant Katha and divine court in Naubatpur. During this, Gandhi stayed at Hotel Panash located near Maidan. A large number of devotees are reaching to see the hotel room where Baba stayed. Various requests are being made by the devotees to the hotel management. Some want to see that room, while some want to stay. Many people also want to know how Baba was staying in the hotel and what food he used to eat during this time.

17 rooms were booked

For the stay of Dhirendra Shastri, 17 rooms on each floor were booked by the organizers at the Panash Hotel in Patna. In these rooms the security personnel, devotees etc. who came with Baba stayed, whereas the room where Baba stayed was the Presidential Suite. During this visit of Baba, a separate kitchen was also arranged for his pure food. When Baba came to Patna on May 13, he came directly from the airport to this hotel room.

There was a fair-like view outside the hotel

As long as Baba Bageshwar stayed in Hotel Panash, a fair-like scene remained outside the hotel. There was a crowd of devotees day and night. But there were such strict security arrangements in the hotel that it was not possible for people to come and go. Even the people who had taken a room in the hotel found it difficult to come and go. Baba has now left this room. But this room has now become special for his devotees. People are reaching the hotel to know about Baba.

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Hotel staff was not allowed to know in the room

As long as Baba Bageshwar stayed in the hotel, the hotel staff was not allowed to enter the room. During this, the arrangements for Baba’s food, drink and cleanliness were looked after by his servants. Dhirendra Shastri also used to do worship in this room. People say that till the time Baba stayed in the hotel, the atmosphere here had become devotional. But now everything seems deserted. Now, seeing the craze among Baba’s devotees for their hotel room, the hotel management has also started thinking. People want to book the room in which Baba stayed.

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