Dhanbad included in top-10 polluted cities, pollution caused death of 30 thousand people of Jharkhand


The condition of Jharkhand is not very good on any parameter of environment. Many factors of pollution here are the worst in the country. Dhanbad of Jharkhand is included in the list of top-10 polluted cities of the country. At the same time, some rivers of the state are so polluted that aquatic organisms cannot live in them. Whereas, the most drought prone district in the country is also in Jharkhand. Because of the forests, the name of this state is ‘Jharkhand’.

The forests are increasing here, but the dense forests are decreasing. It is mentioned in the report of ISRO that the land here is becoming barren. Despite this, concrete efforts are not being made here to stop the environment from getting polluted. The money that is being received for environmental protection is also not being spent. Till now the climate action plan of all the districts has not been prepared. The Central Pollution Control Board has been repeatedly asking to install equipment in all districts to know the level of pollution. Despite this, the Government of India is getting the reports of only two places.

AQI of Dhanbad remains more than 200:

At some places it is also a curse for Jharkhand, which illuminates the country and the world with its coal. Pollution is the reason for the death of about 30 thousand people in Jharkhand. Statistics from the British Journal Lancet Commission show that in 2017, 100 people out of one lakh died due to air pollution. According to the current population of the state, about 30 thousand people are dying every year due to air pollution. In a city like Dhanbad, the average Air Quality Index (AQI) remains above 200. Barring one or two districts of the state, the average AQI of any district is not below 100.

There is no oxygen in Harmu river:

In Jharkhand, industrial waste is dumped in many rivers. Due to lack of sewerage treatment plants in the cities, the waste of the houses is dumped in the rivers. This is the reason why the Harmu river located in the heart of the capital could not be cured even after spending around Rs 80 crore. The water here is not even fit for the living of aquatic creatures. There is less than two milligrams of oxygen in the water of Harmu river. Whereas, when there is less than five milligrams of oxygen in water, even aquatic organisms cannot live in it.

Only 10 percent is dense forest:

There are reports of increase in forests in Jharkhand. According to the Forest Survey report, only 10 percent of the area in the state has dense forests. There is talk of increasing forest in Jharkhand in the report, but it is outside the forest area. There is a total of 22390.00 square kilometers of forest land in the state. In this, the forest (forest cover) is in 23721.14 square kilometers. The recorded forest area of ​​high density forest (VDF) is only 1414 square kilometers (11.51%). Medium level forest (MDF) is about 42.23 percent.

Palamu division is a drought prone area:

Palamu division experiences maximum summer. The maximum temperature here remains above 40 degree Celsius during summer. The United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) had conducted a study on climate change in Jharkhand. It was told in this that by 2050 in Jharkhand, the average maximum temperature in summer days will be around 41.87 to 43 degree Celsius. By 2080, it will be around 42.09 to 45 sec.

54.86 lakh hectare land towards becoming barren

Due to lack of emphasis on land conservation, about 54.86 lakh hectares in the state are turning barren. ISRO had released a report on the arable land of the entire country. In this, the condition of Jharkhand was not described as good. It was said that the quality of land in Jharkhand is deteriorating due to lack of proper water management. The root cause of this is also the reduction of dense forests in Jharkhand.

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