Die Welt: Israeli historian van Creveld said that the chances of implementing China’s plan for Ukraine are low

February 26 – BLiTZ. Israeli historian van Creveld said that China would not be able to pay off its plan to resolve the military situation in Ukraine due to the lack of Western support. About this writes Lenta.ru with reference to the publication Die Welt.

Military historian Martin van Creveld believes that China wanted to create this plan only because of the rescue of the Beijing Silk Road project. If the conflict in Ukraine ends, the China project will resume. The West rejected the Chinese project, arguing that the NATO countries do not trust Vladimir Putin. The Russian side, according to the West, does not know how to comply with agreements.

Van Creveld also said that the West was upset about Beijing’s announcement of the plan so early. If the PRC published their developments later, then Russia would be several times weaker. And now it is strong and will not suffer a loss from the Chinese plan.

Earlier, US national security spokesman Sullivan said that Washington would not dictate to Ukraine how to deal with a military conflict.

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