Diesel will now come out of ATM, DATUM machine is liked by big businessmen


With the economic growth, the consumption and demand of fuel has also increased rapidly. Due to the increasing demand for fuel, India is the third largest oil consumer in the world after America and China.

Big businesses face many difficulties in procurement and handling of diesel such as pilferage of diesel, wrong quality and quantity, non-availability of diesel. Repos Energy’s datum machine reduces these problems to a great extent, hence its demand has increased rapidly in industrial houses.

Pune-based startup Response Energy, which has set up a business in collaboration with Ratan Tata, has developed the DATUM machine. Repos Energy was founded in 2017 by Aditi Bhosle Walunj and Chetan Walunj with the aim of revolutionizing energy distribution and taking a concrete step towards a carbon neutral future.

It has been claimed by the company that Datum not only provides convenience in diesel purchase and disposal but can also contribute to the economic development of the country by preventing wastage of oil.

Chetan Walunj says that Repos aims to bridge the gap between supply and demand of all types of energy with the help of modern technology and make all types of energy accessible to consumers easily.

About 80 percent of the total consumption of diesel in India is consumed in some kind of business or business. The bulk consumers of diesel include transport, logistics, infrastructure, manufacturing, etc. These businesses face several difficulties in procurement and handling of diesel such as pilferage of diesel, wrong quality and quantity, non-availability of diesel. Because of which traders have to bear heavy losses, Datum is the machine to reduce this loss.

Datum also provides convenience to businessmen while working like an ATM. Datum ensures round the clock availability of diesel and makes all data related to diesel management instantly available on a mobile application.

With this, important information like the correct quantity, quality, total consumption of diesel is available to the consumers. In this manner, Datum helps bulk consumers to save at least 10% on their diesel expenditure.

Due to the advantages of this machine, VRL, Prasanna Purple, Adani, Adar Poonawalla Foundation, RDC Concrete etc. are using Datum. In these companies, it has become possible to save about 10 to 20 per cent on diesel bills by operating diesel in a pre-arranged manner.

Repos currently has over 2,000 partners associated with it and is active in over 280 Indian cities. Repos has so far distributed 100 million liters of fuel with the help of its platform. Due to this, only 14.85 million kg of carbon emission has been reduced.

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