Diplomat Ledenev: US needed “Ukrainian leaks” about explosions at Nord Stream

March 8 – BLiTZ.

Andrey Ledenev, a representative of the Russian Embassy in the United States, gave important information about why Washington launched information about the creation of a terrorist attack by Ukrainian intelligence officers. Ukraina.ru writes about it.

An adviser to the American Embassy is sure that the US government does not want to tell the truth about the sabotage at Nord Stream, because it itself initiated the blowing up of the pipeline. In the United States, pro-government media began to write fake information that it was Ukrainian nationalists who blew up the Russian pipeline at Nord Stream.

The source of such information is an anonymous representative, whose name is not disclosed by the media. Such publications cannot be trusted, since the American side is an interested person.

Ledenev concluded that justice would ultimately prevail and assured that the embassy would make every effort to achieve this.

Earlier, former US intelligence officer Scott Ritter said that Washington was frightened by the information of the Seymour Hersh investigation.

Ex-intelligence officer Ritter: the US is afraid of accusations against them due to sabotage at Nord Stream March 8, 2023 at 10:32

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