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During smoking, meat and fish are treated with smoke from smoldering wood chips at different temperatures, depending on the type of smoking. The dish turns out tender, fragrant, juicy, but for its preparation you will need a smokehouse. In order not to spend money on an expensive design, we suggest making a smokehouse yourself. The public news service found out how you can make a smokehouse from a barrel with your own hands.

During smoking, bacteria are destroyed in meat or fish, such a product acquires a unique taste. You can smoke a dish in different ways.

Types of smoking

Hot smoked products can be ready within half an hour after they are placed in the smokehouse. In the case of hot smoking, the meat is baked at a temperature of + 50 … + 170 degrees.

With cold smoking, the meat is not baked, but dried for at least two days at a temperature of about +30 degrees. Such products may not lose their freshness for several months.

Barrel selection

For the manufacture of a device for hot smoking, only a metal barrel is suitable. The recommended volume is 200 ml. If there is a desire to make a cold smoked oil lamp, then a wooden container is also suitable, but a plastic one cannot be used for these purposes.


Thoroughly wash the container, remove chemical residues and the remaining smell. This can be done by firing a blowtorch and then soaking it in water for several days.

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Horizontal smokehouse

Consider the process of making a horizontal structure for hot smoking from a barrel:

On the side, mark under the cover and cut it with a grinder. To prevent the cover from falling into the device, you need to attach metal strips. Install the hinges on the lid with rivets, but make sure that everything is done without distortion. Mount the handle on the cover with screws. Make a hole for the chimney at the bottom and insert the pipe. Insert the grate inside the finished equipment by drilling holes.

The finished horizontal smokehouse can be installed on a stand or placed on a brick firebox, but it is recommended to weld two corners to the bottom for durability and reliability of the body. Photo:

Vertical option

Making a vertical structure looks a little simpler:

If the barrel is sealed on both sides, then cut out the lid on one side, marking it in advance with chalk for an even cut. At 5 cm from the bottom, make a door measuring 25 cm or more by welding hinges and a handle to it. This will be the furnace. Drill holes in the bottom for airflow. Take a round metal part with a diameter slightly smaller than the barrel and weld it at a level of 25 cm from the bottom. This fragment is designed to separate the firebox from the food compartment. Drill a hole for the chimney on the opposite side of the door. Put the structure on its feet. Make a smoker lid with a handle. Photo:

Cold smoked smokehouse

Outdoor enthusiasts offer many of the simplest cold smoked devices that can be made from a barrel. For example, it is possible to cut a 50-60 cm hole at the bottom side of a finished barrel, weld it with a pipe of the same diameter with a thread and a metal plug.

Next, sawdust for smoking is placed in the pipe, the cap is twisted, products are hung from above and the felt mat is closed, which holds back the smoke. The sawdust pipe is heated with a blowtorch. Thus, the smoke will tend to the barrel and smoke products.

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