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Does the world at all need coronavirus vaccine?


Does the world at all need coronavirus vaccine?

Victoria Lanes

The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said, the Covid-19 O+(Coronavirus) vaccine “may be the only thing” that can bring back “normalcy” to this turbulent world.

Yes, the UN boss has many reasons to be delighted. First of all, this pandemic has opened the prospect for him and the United Nations is once again milking the rich nations and extract billions of dollars. For this reason, Antonio Guterres even wants this pandemic to continue in the world at least until the end of 2020.


What an evil soul! This man sounds to be worst than the Nazis or even Islamist jihadists.

Guterres, during a video conference with the 50 or so African countries that are members of the worthless United Nations said, “A safe and effective vaccine may be the only tool that can return the world to a sense of ‘normalcy,’ saving millions of lives and countless trillions of dollars”.

Let us not forget, coronavirus has been totally wiped-off just within three months from Wuhan in China, which is its birthplace. But UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres wants the world to suffer at least until the end of 2020.


Some of the world pundits and politicians are even saying, President Donald Trump’s suspension of funds to the World Health Organization (WHO) may hamper the pace of inventing coronavirus vaccine.

What a nasty politics!

The World Health Organization has no capability of making any vaccine for coronavirus. According to my own knowledge, at least 20 countries currently are working day and night for finally coming up with the coronavirus vaccine. China already has made tremendous progress in this matter. Although Beijing is maintaining a tight lip on the progress, it is learnt from credible sources that they may start marketing the vaccine by August this year.


But, all of those companies and countries researching for inventing the coronavirus vaccine must get a heart attack knowing, coronavirus will totally disappear from this world by the end of June this year. This had already been predicted in January by a group of top scientists in China and Hongkong.

We are already seeing the fast decline in the number of newly affected coronavirus patients and the death toll in Spain and Italy. Most definitely, things will start improving in other countries as well, but in the United Kingdom.


The reason behind Britain’s terrible consequence due to coronavirus pandemic is because of the vast Muslim immigrant population, especially in London. Those Muslims are violating the rules of social distancing and were until recently gathering in the mosques in a large number to perform their daily and Friday prayers. Some of the clerics in those Muslim mosques had even told the attendees that Allah has sent the coronavirus as a “divine wrath” to punish the non-Muslims and infidels.

According to them, April is the month when coronavirus cases will rise in most of the countries in the world and things will start getting improved from the first week of May. Meaning, the world may not actually need a vaccine to get rid of coronavirus.

Bad news for Mr. Antonio Guterres and the team of scammers at the United Nations.

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