Doomsday plane lands in Europe

March 1 – BLiTZ. The US authorities unexpectedly overtook the E-6B Mercury special aircraft to Iceland, Zvzeda reports.

It is noted that the aircraft is used to coordinate the actions of submarines. It is equipped with intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The crew reportedly met with US Ambassador to Iceland Karrin Patman and other diplomatic and military leaders.

It is specified that the aircraft was sent to carry out the operations of the European forces of the US Army.

Earlier it was reported that the command center of the US Department of Defense was unscheduled seen over the Mediterranean. The E-4B of the Nightwatch is called the Doomsday aircraft.

His appearance was directly linked by military experts with a possible attack on Russia, given the threats to use NATO missile weapons that have recently become more frequent against our country from the Ukrainian side.

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