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Double Standards of the World Community


Double Standards of the World Community

Peter Baum

Donald Trump and his administration more than any other national government are the targets of a concerted, negative campaign by western media to ridicule which invariably morphs into sheer contempt and rabid bias. Any opportunity to show the US government in a negative way is force-fed to the viewer and promoted to a level of disproportionate mocking coverage.  The most recent events confirming this was the unfortunate deaths of a father and daughter from El Salvador and the accompanying photos which went viral.  Following this was the furor concerning supposedly racist comments made by the President against four virulently left-wing and antisemitic Democratic Congresswomen. And of course, the media blame was focused solely, unfairly and absurdly in the first item on President Trump and on the second issue the constant output labeling him as being called racist, white supremacist, and a Nazi.

Yet when the President and his Administration pass legislation challenging the barbarities of modern-day slavery and apartheid as in the case of Mauritania the media is completely disinterested and not only ignores reporting but incredibly also remains uncritical of those nation-states promoting such horrors by trading with that country. The bias, ignorance and double standards of the mainstream media are morally indecent.

The data listed below identifies the numerous countries trading with sovereign states where slavery and apartheid are endemic within the culture, politics and legal systems yet the world is silent, apathetic and therefore compliant. Given the global outcry, demonization and isolation heaped on South Africa some four decades past during the apartheid era, the double standards treating South Africa as a pariah state by the world community and ignoring as just one example the more barbaric state of Mauritania given a free pass, the hypocrisy is nauseating. The paradox is truly remarkable as it is only the USA under the apparent racist Donald Trump that has acted against the very racism he and his administration are accused.

It appears from the data compiled by the UN and from Government trading and economic organizations such as the World Economic Forum, the global community of nations have normal trading ties with a country that has been culturally engaged, practicing and endorsing the enforced slavery and apartheid of indigenous black Africans by Arab Islamists.  Nations within the European Union and of course the nauseating hypocrites of the Republic of Ireland who is currently passing legislation to boycott trading with the only Jewish State in the world are supporting and are apathetic and impervious to Islamic nations practicing apartheid and slavery.

This situation exists and exposes the moral indecency of those politicians within the United Nations and the governments to which they report. Future generations will study those responsible for this state of affairs and view those individuals with the contempt and offense that they so richly deserve.

Numerous reports have been written that identify the human cesspit that is Mauritania and the manner in which indigenous Black Africans are treated by their Caucasian Arab masters. Living in the United Kingdom as I do I cannot find any Member of Parliament, nor any protest group or any Black organization that has protested about this. The silence of the Black Community within the United Kingdom is disgraceful as is the silence from any morally decent human being especially our legislators in both Houses of Parliament.

Our media too remains silent. I wonder if such silence would prevail if the perpetrators of these atrocities were white South African farmers, white southern state evangelicals or Zionists. One wonders what demonstrations would have occurred given such a metamorphosis.

The exposure of double standards and hypocrisy of numerous countries is there for all to see and as just one example of the many, I could name I have selected the Republic of Ireland and for clear and obvious reasons. Currently, this member of the European Union is passing legislation that would make it a criminal offense to purchase goods from the only Jewish State in the world that is Israel. Ireland bases this legal policy on the logic that Israel is a racist State and that the Palestinians are treated badly. The fact that twenty-five percent of Israel’s population is non-Jewish and twenty percent are Arab Palestinians with equal rights is apparently irrelevant to Irish legislators. However, as can be validated from Ireland’s trading partnerships she is quite content to deal with nine of the top ten countries with the highest prevalence of modern slavery and apartheid, North Korea being the one country excluded from this exceptional list of nice trading partners.

Ireland freely and contentedly trades with Eritrea, Burundi, Central African Republic, Afghanistan, Mauritania, South Sudan, Pakistan, Cambodia and Iran and there is no legislation passing through the Irish Parliament that would make it a criminal offense to trade with these countries.  I am certain if Donald Trump’s initiative with President Kim Jong Il is successful Ireland will be in the queue to send a trade envoy.

Only the Jewish State of Israel is selected for Irish special treatment.

The reality is that numerous sovereign states allow and endorse through their legal constitutions and culture an uncontrolled system and behavior of barbaric gender inequality, slavery and apartheid, and barbaric gender inequality. The paradox is that other nations so eager to condemn specifically Israel and the United States for racist based on warped political ideology and their own inbred rabid bigotry are content to trade with actual proven offenders. More startling is the fact that there are no howls of protests from the United Nations, the  general public, Parliamentarians nor the media about such atrocities currently practiced as a way of life by member states of the United Nations, This should not be surprising as in this world of professional political and media  incompetents racism is fully acceptable. The only time when racism and apartheid are totally unacceptable to the ruling world bodies depends solely according to who the perpetrators are and not those who are suffering. Rest assured that if those committing the barbarous acts were Zionists or white Christians the UN would be apoplectic and global protests would be commonplace.

We should not be surprised at the apathy and inertia displayed by the global media. After all, the BBC actually ignored four genocides in Africa – Rwanda, DCR, CAR, and Sudan let alone mini genocides in Liberia and Nigeria.

It seems Black Lives Don Not Matter to the media nor the public if the perpetrators are not white in color. How ironic that Donald Trump currently being accused of racism is the only world leader taking a stand against it.

Peter Baum is a Special Contributor of Blitz

Blitz’s Editorial Board is responsible for the stories published under this byline. This includes editorials, news stories, letters to the editor, and multimedia features on BLiTZ

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