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February 27, 2023, 17:03 – BLiTZ – News

There is an opinion that asthma is a disease that accompanies a person since childhood. This myth is now trying to refute experts. According to the doctor of evidence-based medicine Oleg Abakumov, the disease manifests itself regardless of age – there are a number of risk factors.

For example, boys are more susceptible to this respiratory disease. But in adulthood, women can begin to suffer from asthma. Abakumov also points to the high prevalence of bad habits among the male population. Cigarettes often lead to difficulty breathing:

“Therefore, if at 50 a male smoker begins to choke, this is COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – ed.), Not asthma,” told a doctor in an interview with a correspondent of the Vesti Podmoskovye portal.

The doctor recalled that asthma is well “disguised” as other diseases and it is not always easy to determine it. For example, the disease is easily confused with various types of bronchitis. The very course of the disease is usually associated with confused breathing or spasms in the bronchi. According to Oleg Abakumov, in young children, such complications can occur after SARS. But there are other characteristic symptoms of asthma besides suffocation – it is characterized by variability of symptoms. The patient may have a normal dry cough and asthma will be indicated by the lack of effect of conventional medications. Experts agree that the patient should contact a medical institution if the symptoms persist – asthma requires timely diagnosis for effective treatment.

Another myth about asthma is the rapid cure for the disease. Many people forget about the attacks when they experience relief. Dr. Abakumov advises not to stop taking medications, as the minimum duration of asthma therapy is more than three months.

Lost time can lead to a tragedy, similar to the one that happened in one of the capital’s pharmacies. There died a man who did not have time to buy an inhaler. Read the BLiTZ article for details.

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