Dried ash trees will be removed from the center of Lipetsk

Dead trees are cut down in Lipetsk. Now Zelenkhoz specialists are working at the intersection of Plekhanov and Zhelyabov streets. They have to demolish three withered ash trees.

First, the workers will cut down the trunks of the trees, and then crush and uproot the stumps. Prior to this, as stated Lipetskmedia, a special examination confirmed that the ash tree was damaged by a pest, narrow-bodied emerald borer.

The affected trees have already been disposed of on the streets of Studenovskaya, Gagarin, Michurin and others. Trees are yet to be demolished on Pozharsky, Raskova, Volgogradskaya, Aviatsionnaya, Moskovskaya, Ushinsky, March 8 streets.

Instead of the demolished trees, Zelenkhoz plans to plant 419 trees, and bushes will appear on Tereshkova, Gagarin, Moskovskaya streets, Revolution and Plekhanov squares: barberry, spirea, juniper and cotoneaster. And on the streets of Cosmonauts, Tereshkova and Moscow, flower beds with perennials and annuals will be planted, writes CITY48.

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