Drought in Bihar: Crisis on paddy cultivation due to less rains, so far only 22.7 percent paddy straws have been put


The heat of summer is not reducing in Bihar. Paddy cultivation has to bear the maximum brunt of this. A target has been set for paddy cultivation in about 35 lakh hectare area in entire Bihar. Till now only 22.7 percent of the fields have been able to put paddy straw. The farmers are waiting for the rains. Due to the scorching heat, the paddy seeds sown in the fields have also started turning yellow. Due to this, the farmers who spread paddy straw are also worried. Farmers say that if this condition continues, drought-like situation may come in the entire state. On the one hand, while the farmers are looking towards the sky for rain, on the other hand, they are looking towards the government for relief.

Farmers disappointed due to lack of rain

From June 1 to June 15, there has been 83 per cent less rainfall in the entire state. In such a situation, the farmers who do farming depending on the rain are disappointed. Till last June 12 mm of rain was required. During this, there was not even a mm of rain in the state. Along with the heat, the hot winds have also stopped paddy cultivation.

The ideal time to cast litter is also running out.

The ideal time for sowing seeds on the medium land of Bihar is from 10th to 25th June as decided by the Agriculture Department. Seven days have passed in this till now. At the same time, the ideal time for littering has been fixed from June 25 to July 10 in the upper soil and June 25 to 30 in the lower soil. Now is the time to put paddy straw in the upper and lower soil. However, if this type of heat prevails, the time to sow the seeds in this type of land will also be late. Only those farmers having personal means of irrigation will be able to sow paddy straw.

Delayed weaning will affect the quality

Seeds of Sita, Sahbhagi variety are sown in medium soil, which are ready in 130 to 135 days. It takes 135 to 140 days in Kanak, Rajendra Shweta and Santosh, 120 to 125 days in IR-36. It takes 75 to 80 days to get ready for the instant variety put on the upper ground, 90 to 95 days for Prabhat, 110 to 115 days for Saket-4, Richharia, Saroj and Dhan Lakshmi variety. While Rajshree, Satyam, Shakuntala, Prabhed, which are put in the lower ground, it takes 140 to 145 days to prepare. If the litter is put late, the period of preparation will also be extended further. Due to this there is a possibility of affecting the quality of the crop. It will also have an impact on production and productivity.

Monsoon uncertainty will remain throughout June, more expected than July

Monsoon arrived in Bihar a day ahead of time, but till now it has not rained even ten millimetres. The Indian Meteorological Department has forecast for Bihar that there will be less rain than normal in the month of June. Although there will be rains between June 20 and 25, but if the distribution of that rain is not uniform, there may be problems for agriculture. Meteorologists are of the opinion that farmers do not need to panic now. With the help of private irrigation means, do plant the needful seedlings. The future of his farming will depend on the rains of July, if the rains are fine at that time then the farming will go well. If we look at the pattern of monsoon arrival for the last five years, then in the years 2022, 2021, 2020, the monsoon arrived on 13th June. In the previous years, for example, in the year 2018, on June 25, in 2019, on June 21 and in the year 2017, the monsoon arrived in Bihar. In this context, meteorologists are not considering any special delay in the rains. If compared with the rainfall of June 2022 last year, then definitely there has been very less rainfall this year. In June 2022, Bihar had received 170 mm of rain, while so far this year it has received only 9.2 mm of rain, which is 83 per cent less than normal, whereas last year in 2022, it was more than twice the normal in the month of June.

it will rain less

IMD Patna’s senior meteorologist Ashish Kumar told that the rain is still less. There is still a possibility of some rain in June. Mainly the rains of July will decide whether our agriculture will be affected or not. In the monsoon season, the rainfall is expected to be slightly less than normal, if the rainfall is distributed evenly in the state, then farming will be good. Farmers should also adopt water management techniques.

Heat wave will continue in Bihar even today, Monsoon will gain momentum from this day, know what the Meteorological Department says…

Less water in Indrapuri reservoir affecting eight districts

Paddy planting is being affected in eight districts of the state due to less water in the state’s Indrapuri reservoir. Currently it includes Rohtas, Kaimur, Aurangabad, Bhojpur, Arwal, Jehanabad, Buxar and Patna districts. All these districts come under Son command area. In fact, Indrapuri reservoir was getting less water than Rihand in UP and Vansagar reservoir in Madhya Pradesh. Water Resources Department had demanded five thousand cusecs of water per day from Rihand in UP. At present it is getting water. Although the water in the Indrapuri reservoir is still relatively less, but the amount of water that is being received is being given for irrigation through canals. Due to less rain and less water, there is a crisis of paddy planting in the districts famous for paddy cultivation in the state. In the Water Resources Department, Chief Engineer of Dehri’s irrigation creation zone, Ashwini Kumar told that five thousand cusecs of water was sought from the Uttar Pradesh government, it has started being received. This water is being sent to the concerned canals. With this, the facility of Patwan will be available. He told that due to less rain this year, the water level of Indrapuri reservoir is less as compared to last year.

The target of paddy cultivation is set in 35 lakh hectare area in entire Bihar

Only 17 percent paddy straw was distributed

83 percent rainfall has decreased in the entire state till June 15

There was 170 mm of rain in Bihar in June 2022

It has rained only 9.2 mm in June

The department is preparing to give Rs 250 crore as relief to the farmers

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