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Drugs and sex jihad targeting the West


Drugs and sex jihad targeting the West

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

In Australia, an ISIS-affiliated Bangladeshi woman named Momena Shoma has been handed 42-year’s imprisonment by the court. But, this just is the tip of the iceberg. There are dozens of such females in the Western societies, who are looking for killing Jews, Christians, non-Muslims and “enemies of Allah” in the name of jihad. Security agencies in most of the Western nations are in the total dark about the exact location or activities of these predators. According to information, hundreds of radicalized Muslim females are entering the Western nations with the notorious agenda of jihad, while thousands of Muslim females in the West too are getting radicalized each year, who too not only hate the Western culture but also are no better than any of those ISIS jihadists.

For the past many decades, jihadist had taken a policy of participating in trafficking in narcotics to the Western destinations as part of their “holy jihad”. They believe, it is their moral and religious obligation to destroy Western societies through drugs. We know, by now, most of the jihadist outfits such as Islamic State, Hezbollah, Hamas, Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army are having active hands behind the transnational narcotics trafficking. But another disturbing trend has been silently continuing, which the jihadist groups consider as extremely effective and through this, they want to win their “holy war” against the war biologically, instead of militarily.

The sex jihad

Since the end of 2018, jihadist groups are recruiting female within the age range of 25-35 as part of their agenda of expediting sex jihad. As part of this notorious agenda, they are recruiting female by heavily compensating their family members. Their prime targets of recruitment are the Uzbek females and females from Myanmar.

How such recruitments take place?

Initial bargains are taken place with the parents or husbands of the targeted recruits. Those jihadist groups offer an amount equivalent to US$ 5,000-15,000 initially to the parents or husbands for their consent of letting those females join the sex jihad. Such negotiations sometimes even take place directly with the recruits. As in Uzbekistan, there are hundreds of sex workers bearing HIV, they become the easy targets of the jihadist groups.

After the recruitment, these females are given heavy jihadist indoctrination for 4-6 weeks and finally, if they already were not having HIV positive, such viruses are injected into their bodies. Then these females are sent to the Western nations as brides of Muslims living there.

How Rohingya females are recruited?

These jihadist groups are recruiting persecuted girls and women from Myanmar from the refugee camps in Bangladesh through brokers. Initially, the recruits are trafficked into brothels in India, where they are injected HIV virus. Later they travel to Western nations through Indian, Sri Lankan, Pakistani or Nepalese passports. An organized gang manipulate the officials in India and Nepal in exchange for bribes in getting passports for those recruits. Hundreds and thousands of money accrued from the trafficking in drugs are spent into this notorious project. Each of the recruits receive an amount equivalent to US$ 500 for successfully transmitting HIV into their targets.

In addition to recruitment, jihadist groups also are also luring Muslim females into this plot by substantially compensating them. According to information, a jihadist group named Abu Sayyaf also is doing the same things in the Philippines for quite some time.

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is the editor of Blitz. Follow him on Twitter @Salah_Shoaib

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