Dubai-Realty: Among Russians, the demand for luxury real estate in the UAE increased by 139.9 percent

February 24 – BLiTZ: Luxury real estate in the UAE has become in high demand and, according to statistics for 2022, it has increased by almost 140 percent. This is written by the research organization

According to the analytical center, Russians are massively buying housing in the Emirates, even despite its cost. In 2022, there were several stages when Russian citizens abruptly began to buy luxury real estate in the UAE.

  • The first stage is February 2022. In percentage terms, demand increased by more than 195 times. Experts have not observed such interest of Russians in the UAE for a couple of years.
  • The second stage – the desire of Russians to buy elite and expensive housing in the United Arab Emirates occurred in August 2022. Here demand has increased by 54 times.

Recall that the Russian expert predicted an increase in the interest of Russians in the UAE by 200%.

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