Educated voters of Karnataka have proved that they cannot win elections on emotional issues: Mukesh Sahni


Patna: Vikassheel Insaan Party (VIP) has welcomed the big victory of Congress in Karnataka. VIP chief and former Bihar minister Mukesh Sahni congratulated the voters of Karnataka, including Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and party president Mallikarjun Kharge, on the big victory of the Congress in Karnataka, saying that Karnataka has proved that manipulation is not the way to go The government is formed by the mandate. He said that this election result also proved that no election can be won by money power and muscle power.

target on BJP

Congratulating the people of Karnataka, he said that this election has given answers to many questions. This election result has also told that emotional election issues cannot win elections. To win the election, it is necessary to raise the issues related to the public. On the pretext of Karnataka election results, he targeted the BJP on gestures. He said that after getting partial success, some parties had got confused that the power of any state can be captured by breaking the joints. But, by making the Congress victorious, the voters of Karnataka, ahead of many states in the field of education, showed that whichever party talks about being better and united on the ground, will also rule the hearts of the people. This shows that it is also necessary for the general public to be educated in a democracy.

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Here are the results of Karnataka elections

The chief of Vikassheel Insaan Party said these things on the occasion of the declaration of the results of the Karnataka assembly elections. Let us tell you that the results of the assembly elections in Karnataka have been declared. Congress has got majority in the election results released today. Congress party has got 136 seats. At the same time, 65 seats have come in BJP’s bag. While JDS came third with 19 seats.

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-FJbc7CvqU) t)bhartiy janata party

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