El Pais: The West failed to convince the world of its position on Ukraine

February 27 – BLiTZ. The “arrogant” West is gradually beginning to see clearly and realize the true attitude of the world towards the conflict in Ukraine and Russia. It turns out that the rest also have their own interests, and they do not always coincide with the interests of Western countries. To this conclusion came columnist for the Spanish edition of El Pais Mariam Martinez-Bascuñan.

The so-called “global South” does not seem to be going to support President Biden with his rhetoric about democracy and global values ​​and does not share his point of view on the conflict in Ukraine, Martinez-Bascugnian said. Moreover, the Western vision of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine causes anger, rejection, and at best indifference in many countries.

For the West, this was a humiliating experience. And instead of isolating Russia, he himself found himself “in some loneliness.” Many countries are more and more boldly expressing their position, including in the UN. Brazil has proposed its peace plan for Ukraine, China openly maintains trade and economic relations with Russia and also offers its own peace plan. NATO member Turkey does not join the sanctions and openly interacts with Moscow.

We in Europe may be wrong, pushing through our rhetoric about the “axis of evil” and the free world, maybe we should get rid of our arrogance, the journalist carefully asks.

“Perhaps the time has come to abandon moralizing and work towards a truly multilateral international order,” states Martinez-Bascugnan.

Russia has been conducting NWO in Ukraine since February 24.

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