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Election in the US and future of America


Election in the US and future of America

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

Since 2016, something has gone gravely wrong with the Democratic Party, greatly because of its wrong decision of nominating a scandalous Hillary Clinton and this time they have repeated the same blunder by picking Kamala Harris, an individual who is seen by President Trump as a ‘monster’ while most people also see her as a ‘sexual predator’ or a ‘woman of disgrace’.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump told Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business show, that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was not “mentally capable” of lasting two months as president, and then, in an attack on Kamala Harris’s position on fracking, referred to her as “this monster who was onstage with Mike Pence,” calling her a “monster” again for good measure.

The upcoming presidential and general election in the United States already is showing the signs of an extreme bitter battle between the two parties. Meanwhile, both sides are attacking the opponents in the most indecent manner.

A Republican Party staffer who has gotten in trouble in the past for social media posts promoted a debate watch party Wednesday by alleging Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris used sex to advance her career.

“If there are any questions on how to sleep your way to the top, Kamala will have an advantage,” Best wrote.

His post included a meme that said, “She will be an inspiration to young girls by showing that if you sleep with the right powerfully connected men then you too can play second fiddle to a man with dementia. It’s basically a Cinderella story.”

The post was a reference to Harris’ relationship in the 1990s with Willie Brown, who was speaker of the California Assembly and later became mayor of San Francisco. Harris was an assistant district attorney at the time.

Another significant matter to mention about this year’s election is the tendency of desperation within both parties. It is almost like a do or die situation. President Donald Trump has already said, the only way he may lose the election if it is rigged. And there already are numerous evidences of such a rigging process, which possibly are being initiated by the Dems, while it won’t be surprised if we find the hands of the US administration and the intelligence community behind the election rigging. As we know, allegations against a number of top officials of conspiracies against President Trump is already circulating in the media. Such allegations are also brought against CIA Director Gina Haspel.

What is most interesting is the timing of Gina Haspel’s last tour as London Station Chief — from 2014 to early 2017. That is the same timeframe (specifically, the late summer of 2016) when the FBI approached foreign policy academic and “utility government operative” Stefan Halper to begin the operation targeting Carter Page and George Papadopoulos in an FBI-designed foreign counterintelligence operation, against Team Trump, to be launched in Cambridge, England. It may be mentioned here that, CIA station chief is the top intelligence official in any given country.

Think about this for a while: The current CIA director was an active, knowledgeable party to the efforts to target candidate Trump with a contrived foreign counterintelligence investigation. That carried forward to a more sophisticated and aggressive plan to carry out a soft coup against President Trump. People around President Trump were prosecuted and/or had their lives destroyed based on a scheme of U.S. government lies. Who appears to have been “in on it” from day one? Gina Haspel.

It may be added here that, Ms. Haspel has spent 34-year career at the CIA, working almost entirely undercover. Meaning, she is a seasoned spymaster. But one of the most important points to note about her is – she is adamantly inclined towards the anti-Trump bloc and she even has a certain sympathy for Iran.

President Trump’s relationship with the CIA and its peers is uniquely volatile: He has questioned the accuracy of intelligence on Russia, implied he would put an end to clandestine operations against North Korea and even accused his own spies of spying on him.

Until recently, in fact, several current and former government officials suggested that Trump was likely to fire her sometime before the election, adding that Haspel privately shared those fears. Earlier this summer, Haspel confided to a former colleague that she wouldn’t be surprised if Trump replaced her by September, according to the person who spoke with her.

Haspel has apparently angered Trump by being unwilling to publicly dispute reports about intelligence and national security matters that have made him look bad, including refusing to deny reports that Russia paid bounties to the Taliban to kill American troops in Afghanistan, the current and former officials said.

For any American president, it is essential to have a partisan loyalist in charge of the CIA. But Donald Trump has almost completed his four-year-term with Gina Haspel, a dedicated supporter of the Democratic Party, as the director of CIA. In other words, President Trump has spent four years within enemies.

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is an internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning anti-jihadist journalist, counter-terrorism specialist and editor of Blitz

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