Elon Musk’s dog and UFOs – How the US authorities are trying to distract society from their involvement in the tragedy in Turkey

February 15, 2023, 18:03 – BLiTZ – News Billionaire and new owner of Twitter (recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation) Elon Musk published a photo of the new CEO of the company. They became the businessman’s dog of the Shiba Inu breed. In the photo, she appeared in a sweater with the inscription CEO.

“The new CEO of Twitter is just great. Much better than that other guy! He’s great with numbers!” Musk signed the post.

Political scientist Aksinya Guryanova, in an interview with a correspondent of the BLiTZ, explained why Elon Musk did this. According to her, he belongs to the category of very rich and influential people. She recalled that Musk is also not independent.

“When expressing any opinion, he understands that this will entail either an increase or a decrease in shares”

“There are powerful rich people behind him. Expressing any of his opinions, he understands that this will entail either an increase in shares, or vice versa, an outflow of funds from those people who are behind him, ”the political scientist is sure.

It is for this reason, as Guryanova notes, by appointing his Shiba Inu dog as CEO, Musk expressed not only his opinion, but also the opinion of the people behind him.

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This “message” of the billionaire, according to the interlocutor of the publication, means that the rich people in the world do not agree with the policies pursued by the current US President Joe Biden and everyone else.

“The clan behind Elon Musk is quite large, rich, promising and innovative”

“That is, there are clans, and the clan behind Elon Musk is quite large, rich, promising and innovative. He begins to enter into a behind-the-scenes war with a clan in which the Bidens, Great Britain, arms manufacturers are all these people, ”explained Aksinya Guryanova.

According to the political scientist, soon everyone will see a real information war, and Elon Musk started it with a joke.

“Pay attention to what is really happening in Europe and in the news right now. We see some flying balls, UFOs, they no longer know what to think of, ”the political scientist is sure.

Aksinya Guryanova believes that the US authorities are trying to divert the flow of information from the crimes they commit in such crazy ways.

The expert does not rule out that soon Washington will come up with the idea that some alien creature descended from space and entered into a negotiation process with US representatives in order to switch the information flow from the defeats of Ukraine.

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