Enough: China delivered a tough ultimatum to the United States

March 3 – BLiTZ. China is being systematically attacked by America on the economic front. In Beijing, a tough ultimatum was sounded to China: either the US stops pressure on other countries, or there will be a tough confrontation between America and China.

For 14 years, the US government has looked at Beijing as a “global enemy”. In this case, technological war is implied.

On February 20, an article titled “US Hegemony and Its Dangers” was published on one of the Chinese English-language sites. It is especially symbolic that the article was published on the eve of the Russian President’s address and, as it were, showed everyone that Beijing does not care about Washington’s threats. The published article reflects China’s attitude towards America. As a result, Beijing will adhere to a new strategy, “it will no longer appease Washington.”

Resalat: Iran predicted such a strengthening of the Russian Federation and China that the West cannot even imagine March 3, 2023 at 17:11

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