EU acknowledges lack of evidence of China arms supplies to Russia

The European Union (EU) has no evidence that Beijing is supplying Moscow with lethal weapons. On Friday, February 24, the representative of the EU foreign service, Nabila Masrali, pointed out.

“We have no clear evidence that China has provided lethal weapons systems to Russia,” she said during a press conference in Brussels.

At the same time, Masrali pointed out that any military assistance to Russia would meet “a strong reaction from the European Union.”

On February 22, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin called NATO’s statements about China’s arms supplies to Russia speculation. According to him, the countries of the alliance are the largest source of weapons for Ukraine, while they continue to spread information about the provision of weapons by China to the Russian Federation. As Wenbin emphasized, the corresponding tactics were used and exposed from the very beginning of the Ukrainian crisis.

In addition, he added that NATO ignores the security interests of the Russian and Ukrainian sides, while claiming to be a defensive alliance.

On February 18, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that the United States was concerned about possible assistance from China to Russia in the conduct of hostilities in Ukraine. On the same day, he warned China of the consequences if it provided material assistance to Russia in a special military operation.

In turn, Wang Yi, head of the office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC Central Committee), said that China will never accept US pressure and threats against Russian-Chinese relations.

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