Eurasianet: Central Asia Won’t Satisfy China’s Gas Appetites

March 2 – BLiTZ. The Chinese leadership is analyzing the prospect of purchasing additional volumes of “blue fuel” in Central Asia. The reliability of this scenario is still doubtful against the backdrop of fuel shortages and “competition from Moscow,” says Eurasianet, which tried to analyze whether suppliers can provide pumping through the fourth line of the Central Asia-China gas pipeline.

For 20 years, China, as the world’s largest importer, has increased gas consumption by 1000%. Among the main suppliers are Russia and Turkmenistan. Two years ago, three-quarters of deliveries from Central Asia were provided by Turkmen gas.

“Beijing… could use competition between suppliers to impose better terms on Central Asia, Russia and more distant LNG suppliers… Therefore, the growth of regional natural gas exports to China is likely to depend on an increase in its production in Turkmenistan. The question of whether the authorities in Ashgabat are able to provide such an increase remains open,” InoSMI quoted columnist Joe Webster as saying.

SM-News news agency wrote: Russia may reduce pipeline gas supplies to non-CIS countries by a third this year. The total volume is likely to fall to 70 billion cubic meters. This opinion was voiced by the deputy director of the “Center for the Economics of Fuel and Energy Complex” CSR Sergey Kolobanov.

According to him, the Nord Stream accident and the EU sanctions policy will affect the reduction in the supply of Russian “blue fuel”. In 2023, according to the expert, gas pumping through the Blue Stream and the Power of Siberia may increase slightly.

In March 2023, the price of Russian gas for Moldova will be about $1,011 per thousand cubic meters. m March 1, 2023 at 19:45

Recall that earlier energy expert, deputy head of the FNEB Aleksey Grivach, amid problems with energy consumption in European countries, expressed confidence that only the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions could save the continent.

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