Even Democrats now think President Trump will be re-elected

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Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday said Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler’s letter to 81 Trump associates seeking dirt on the president is helping set the stage for impeachment after Trump is re-elected in 2020.

Only then, he suggests, will the left be confident enough, or brazen enough, to try for impeachment.

“The Democrats expect Trump to be re-elected. And look, after that CPAC speech Saturday, everybody knows he’s gonna be re-elected. A couple more of those, and it’s over,” he said. “But the Democrats are telling us they think that he’s gonna be re-elected. That’s what Nadler’s doing. This witch hunt. I’ll explain this to you.”

Limbaugh said the Democrats and media, working together, have been unable to push the president’s approval numbers down into the 20s, which would make impeachment feasible.

“They’re dying on the left! They’re dying! They have focused everything they’ve got on running Trump’s numbers down, as you’ve now heard me say I don’t know how many millions of times, to the twenties and thirties. That has been the objective all along. That’s been the objective of the Mueller probe; it’s been the objective of all this attention is to separate Trump from his supporters and finally create that wedge. It’s failed.”

That was confirmed, he pointed out, by NBC News/Wall Street Journal pollster Bill McInturff, who said: “Our country sort of comes to a steady state, and it’s very hard to change. And the longer term trend is, the country sort of said they’ve sort of decided what they think about Russia, and until there’s a heck of a lot more facts, this country is nowhere near where it needs to be to think you could impeach a president.”

That, Limbaugh said, is despite the “never Trumpers out there, the Drive-By Media, the Democrat Party” firing every weapon they have.

“They have fired every weapon. They’ve used every bit of ammo that they’ve always used. And they’ve done it repeatedly. They have done it multiple times a day, every day, for over two years. And Trump’s numbers are now creeping up in their polls. He’s over 50 percent in the Rasmussen poll,” he said.

Now comes Nadler and his demand that 81 people linked to Trump answer his questions.

What actually is going on, Limbaugh said, is the economy “is going great guns, manufacturing and homebuilding are reaching new highs – things that were plummeting under Obama – and the Democrats are starting to step in it.”

“If you look … all signs indicate that Trump is going to be re-elected,” he said.

That means the current Democrat preparations for impeachment are for 2021 and beyond.

“That’s what they’re doing. That’s why these massive documents requests – and they’re only just now getting started. Eighty-one people submit everything,” he said. “After all, if the Democrats think that they could beat Trump at the ballot box, why bother doing all of this? No, seriously.

“I’m telling you, they’re setting up the impeachment of Donald Trump after he wins re-election.”

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