Everyone saw the protest… but the court saw the pain…, know what people said on the decision of Patna HC in Nepali Nagar case


Shubham Kumar, Patna. The house was broken in front of the eyes, when the bulldozer was running on the houses built with the earnings of blood and sweat, they were dying and what would they have done if they had died. Everyone saw our protest… but the court saw our pain and on Thursday we all got justice. On Thursday, the correspondent of Prabhat Khabar talked to many people of Madhubanpuri of Nepali Nagar. Everyone said that there was a time, when the police and the district administration together with the entire party force destroyed our house day and night and today is the day when the judiciary returned life. After the decision of the court, people thanked the judge who gave the decision.

what people said…

Suddenly a large number of policemen and officers came with big bulldozers and asked to vacate the house immediately. Seeing the house collapsing in front of my eyes, I felt that I should die… but the decision of the court gave me the support to live again. I am very happy brother…Today is the day of celebration. – Ranju Keshari, Nepali Nagar, Madhubanipuri

The court has deeply seen the suffering of our people and after that has given its verdict. After the decision of the court, there is an atmosphere of celebration in the whole family. Today it seems that justice has been done to us. We have seen the day without electricity, water and house. – Ranju Kumari, Nepali Nagar, Gandhi Nagar

There was trust and the court did not let the trust of the victim’s families break. The verdict has given a new lease of life. Truly a moment of celebration for all. Very happy. – Anupam Singh Rajput, Nepali Nagar, Madhubanipuri

When the house broke down, I didn’t even inform my lieutenant son about it. He used to ask is everything alright and I used to sit outside in front of the broken house just thinking what would the son say if he comes. The son is coming on 31st May and meanwhile the court’s decision came. – Radha Krishna Singh, Retired Army Jawan, Nepali Nagar

Today is the day of celebration. The decision of the court has given life to thousands of families and there is a celebration on this. After the house was broken, there was only trust in the court while being in trouble and the court did not break the trust. – Nirmala Devi, Gandhi Nagar, Nepali Nagar

Bought the land with the money earned by working as a handcart and midwife. After that I built a house on it so that I could live with my two daughters and a younger son. But suddenly the bulldozer that went to the house ruined his life. After the verdict, the husband and wife cried a lot and said that the wait has paid off. – Mahendra Rai, cart driver, Nepali Nagar

Welcomes the decision given by Patna High Court on the matter of Nepali Nagar / Rajiv Nagar area. Those whose houses have been demolished illegally, they should be given a compensation of Rs.5-5 lakh as soon as possible. Appropriate action should be taken against the officials involved in this and the police-administration responsible. – Ashok Kumar, media in-charge, Digha Agricultural Land Housing Save Sangharsh Samiti

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