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Ex-BBC man’s foul bids of annoying the US


Ex-BBC man’s foul bids of annoying the US

Anita Mathur

In an article titled – ‘US Back to ‘Dirty Tricks’ in Bangladesh’, published on December 27, 2018, Subir Bhaumik wrote: “Uncle Sam is back to unveiling its bag of dirty tricks in Bangladesh, where successive American administrations have made no secret of their dislike for Sheikh Hasina and the Awami League. As secretary of state, Hilary Clinton tried to bring huge pressure on Hasina to reinstate Mohammed Yunus [founder of Grameen Bank], not only because he was donating generously to the Clinton Foundation (something already well documented) but also because they had seen the Nobel Laureate’s potential as an American stooge. They tried to boost him to bring down the two Begums during the 1/11 takeovers backed by the army. Yunus had announced his intention to float a new political party in a press conference in Calcutta, which I attended as a BBC correspondent.”

Anyone having minimum sense would certainly understand the very intention or agenda of Subir Bhoumik – a known communist (pro-Moscow), who sees everything bad in the United States and even those who denounce Communism and authoritarianism. He is critical of the US because Washington puts emphasis on human rights and rule of law.


In the same article, he even has clearly hinted Bangladesh government’s unwillingness in welcoming observers from a US-funded election monitoring group named The Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL). He went further in telling a private television channel in Bangladesh, Shomoy TV – authorities in Thailand and Cambodia had refused allowing observers from ANFREL. Here anyone can remind Bhoumik, Cambodia is a country under cruel autocracy while Thailand is under military rule. By putting Bangladesh into the same queue of Cambodia, Subir Bhoumik actually has given credence to those critics of the ruling party in Bangladesh who portray it to be autocratic.

While Subir has enthusiastically tried to prove America’s “intention” of establishing dominance in Bangladesh, he has very cunningly skipped the point of Indian government’s direct role during the 2014 questioned election in Bangladesh or India’s growing influence in Bangladesh.


Subir’s article was published at a very crucial timing when the ruling party in Bangladesh already is facing numerous criticisms at home and abroad about the holding of a free and fair election on December 30. His article and the subsequent anti-US propaganda in Bangladeshi TV channel may contribute in pressing Washington in actually taking some effective measures to ensure the holding or a free and fair election in Bangladesh or even worse. It may be mentioned here that, Shomoy TV is owned by a controversial minister of the ruling party.

In the article, Subir Bhoumik wrote, ANFREL is funded by the US State Department through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), USAID, “Open Society Institution” (OSI) (funded by financial criminal George Soros who has bankrolled many CIA-sponsored regime change operations), and even the Australian government and the British Embassy.”


Well, here Subir sees George Soros as a “financial criminal” most probably because Soros is Jewish. On the other hand, he has put allegations on the Australian government and the British embassy for taking part in “regime change operations.” It is understandable that Subir is mad on the British authorities because of BBC’s decision of kicking him out of the job for his dubious character.

Subir has made frantic bids in the article in proving ANFREL to be funded by the United States. Is that something ANFREL or the US had ever tried to hide?


It is very likely that the US Embassy in Dhaka has already made a transcript of the Shomoy TV’s anti-US news content and sent it to Washington along with a brief about the owner of the channel. Such content may generate an impression of Dhaka’s declaring diplomatic offensives against Washington. Whoever has conceived and initiated this particular news coverage must have either done it out of ignorance or vengeance. A nationalist leader like President Donald Trump or his administration may not appreciate such exposed insult to his country.

The very motive of people like Subir Bhoumik may have missed the attention or intellect of a section of media duffers in Bangladesh. These people actually are envy of Bangladesh being a fastest growing economy in the region. For any Indian suffering from inferiority complex, it is difficult to digest such unimaginable growth of Bangladesh, which they had undermined for decades. Subir’s ulterior motive is clear. He wants Bangladesh to fall under the wrath of the United States; resulting in any stern measures such as economic sanctions. All of us know the disastrous consequence of such sanctions which would completely devastate the economic backbone of Bangladesh. That is what enemies of Bangladesh want. Subir Bhoumik is just one of them. Let us not ever step into the traps set by people like Subir Bhoumik.

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