Ex-Minister of Security of Georgia Giorgadze spoke about the possible consequences of protests in the country

March 14 – BLiTZ. Georgia has made it clear to the entire planet that it does not want to participate in the confrontation between Russia and the West, does not want to be part of any bloc other than the EAEU. Only now the States do not like this state of affairs, said the former Minister of Security of Georgia Igor Giorgadze, <a rel=”nofollow” href=”https://t.me/zvezdanews/112239″>transmits</a> Star.

“The Georgian government does not want to be a participant in the meat grinder, does not want to be drawn into the war. And this was enough to give a “little cuff” to feel that it was not appropriate to behave like that. Because the owner wants Georgia to be drawn into the confrontation as well,” the politician said.

He is convinced that the Georgian protests are an attempt by the United States to convince Georgia to enter into a conflict with the Russian Federation. After the first demand of the dissenters about foreign agents is fulfilled, new slogans will appear that the authorities will be obliged to accept.

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