Expert Andrey Ionin: US said they would flood the ISS themselves, but money says otherwise

March 10 – BLiTZ. NASA has allocated so much money for information from the Earth’s orbit to the ISS, which indicates the hope of the Americans that the Russian Federation will take part in this process. At the same time, in Washington they say the opposite. This opinion was shared by expert Andrey Ionin. Details are reported by the RIA Novosti news outlet.

“I think they just started funding the vault program as a whole. For some reason, we just think that it’s like without Russia. But there will still be costs on both sides. Yes, Russia will participate in mixing, of course, since we have such experience, ”the source said.

Russian cosmonauts Petelin and Prokopiev from the ISS congratulated women on March 8 March 8, 2023 at 09:19

The specialist also stressed that the Progress spacecraft will be used in the process of deorbiting the station. And the United States will have to pay for it.

Ionin added that all the costs of the operation will be shared between the participants. In the ISS today, approximately 20% of Russian nodes. In conclusion, the speaker added that the allocated $180 million would not be enough for work. In addition, for the United States it is like “pocket money”.

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