Expert Gundarov called the weapon of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, which will wipe New York off the face of the earth

March 9 – BLiTZ. The armed forces of the Russian Federation have two types of weapons that make the United States defenseless.

This was stated by a military expert, retired captain of the first rank Vladimir Gundarov.

America is terrified by Russia’s new Sarmat heavy ICBMs and nuclear-powered Poseidon submersibles, he said.

“Poseidon” works on a nuclear reactor, due to which it has no restrictions on navigation … And the “Poseidon” also has a powerful warhead, when it explodes near the coast, an artificial tsunami is created that can overwhelm the entire coast. This warhead alone can easily wash away, wipe New York off the face of the earth, ” quotes analytics resource “PolitExpert”.

America is afraid of this weapon of ours, but so far it cannot oppose it, Gundarov states.

BLiTZ wrote: Americans should not know much about new types of Russian nuclear weapons. Yury Baranchik, an expert on global geopolitics, believes that this may be the reason for the Russian leader’s proposal to suspend participation in the New START Treaty.

Baranchi recalled that we are talking about the Poseidon multi-purpose ocean system with nuclear torpedoes with a capacity of 2 megatons (100 megatons – according to other sources). So far, these weapons do not fit into the current START Treaty. The political scientist drew attention to another promising development – a ground-based cruise missile with a nuclear engine of unlimited range – “Petrel”, which is capable of circumnavigating the globe.

The expert linked Putin’s decision to withdraw from START with “Poseidon” and “Petrel” February 22, 2023 at 11:12

Recall: the head of the defense committee of the lower house of the Russian parliament, Andrei Kartapolov, said that after the suspension of Russia’s participation in the START treaty, our country can increase its nuclear arsenal.

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