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Exposing a Canada-based criminal Shahidul Islam

Shahid Uddin Khan, Dr. Kanak Sarwar, Tasneem Khalil, Mahmudur Rahman, Shahidul Islam


Exposing a Canada-based criminal Shahidul Islam

Sitting in Toronto in Canada, a man named Shahidul Islam, with morale decay has joined the nexus of cyber criminals with the nefarious agenda of misleading people with a series of lies and imaginary stories. Although for the past several years, a gang of culprits comprising sacked military officer Shahid Uddin Khan, scandalous journalist Dr. Kanak Sarwar, Tasneem Khalil and Mahmudur Rahman as well as few other individuals have been running outrageous propaganda against Bangladesh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and members of her family; in the recent months a new character named Shahidul Islam, who claims to be a former military officer has joined the nexus with the dangerous agenda of destabilizing Bangladesh and unseating the democratically elected government.

Investigative reporters of this newspaper have already found series of serious allegations against Shahidul Islam. According to information, Shahidul was sacked from Bangladesh Army on a number of allegations including financial fraud, cheating various individuals as well as his connections in terror finance and supplying weapons to terrorist and separatist groups, including United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA). Few years ago, Shahidul Islam fled Bangladesh as he was under investigation for his involvement in terror finance and illegal arms dealings.

According to a credible source, Shahidul Islam was sacked from Bangladesh Army and was subsequently tried for misappropriation of fund, corruption and sexual allegations. Later he managed fleeing Bangladesh with the help of a pro-Jamaat immigration attorney and obtained asylum in Canada.

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A Toronto-based journalist told this newspaper that, Shahidul Islam is an alcoholic and womanizer, who is found drunk during most part of the day. He also is seen with young girls, mostly African, Sri Lankan and Uzbek. The journalist further said, in 2019, Shahidul Islam was accused of getting a Sri Lankan girl named Prisha pregnant with the false promise of marrying. As the matter became public, Shahidul Islam found himself in trouble and he was facing pressure as the girl was still minor. Under Canadian law, having physical relations with a minor girl is illegal and punishable offense. Later, he was rescued from the complication by a former leader of Bangladesh Nationalist Party.


Meanwhile, Shahidul Islam was approached by BNP leader Tarique Rahman’s man Towhidul Islam alias Ashiq Islam with the offer of joining the propaganda cell of the party in exchange for monthly payment. Being allured by the prospect of making extra cash, Shahidul Islam agreed to join BNP’s propaganda cell against the payment of US$ 500 for each of his appearances. At this stage, he was told that the party can increase the amount to US$ 1,000 per episode, if he can gather sensitive information from his contacts in Dhaka. A greedy Shahidul Islam instantly accepted the offer and started working on making concocted stories on various issues and claimed those to be “sensational leaks”. Although Tarique Rahman was told by his advisers and cohorts that Shahidul Islam was telling them unsubstantiated stories filled with lies, a screwed Tarique said “just use him. Don’t judge too much. He is an elderly person and people will believe his false stories as genuine”. Accordingly, Shahidul Islam started appearing on Dr. Kanak Sarwar’s YouTube channels with series of lies and concocted stories.

Although Shahidul Islam claims to be “Author, columnist, poet, novelist, editor & analyst”, there is no availability of any article written by him in any of the Bangladeshi or foreign newspapers. He also claims to have worked with Weekly Holiday, a Bangladeshi newspaper and The Daily Star, although there is no such prove of his affiliation with either of the publications.

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Commenting of Shahidul Islam and other BNP-Jamaat cyber propagandists, experts said, government could initiate measures in taking legal actions against these propagandists especially because their agenda is destabilizing a democratic nation, which is illegal under laws of countries such as Britain, Sweden, the US and Canada.

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