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For the last several days, members of German broadcast network Deutsche Welle (DW) are flying high because of their recently released “documentary” which actually is a bogus propaganda material. Mastermind behind this so-called documentary is Arafatul Islam, Multimedia Journalist of DW. According to some sources, Arafatul Islam was an activist of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). In this so-called documentary, Deutsche Welle has presented an individual named Nafiz Mohammad Alam as a “whistleblower”. So let us first expose the real identity of Deutsche Welle’s “whistleblower”.

Our reporters are investigating the background of Arafatul Islam, a multimedia journalist working with German broadcast network Deutsche Welle. According to our initial findings, Arafat, during his student life, was an activist of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP).

Nafiz Md Alam alias Don, the so-called whistleblower of German broadcast network Deutsche Welle’s anti-RAB propaganda content is a long-time activist of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), who has been regularly posting anti-Awami League contents on his Facebook page for years. But, DW’s journalist Arafatul Islam had on-purpose suppressed this information to policymakers of the German broadcast network, which is clear violations of ethics of journalism.

According to our own sources, Nafiz Md Alam alias Don and at least two other front-ranking figures in BNP were instructed by party’s fugitive acting chairman Tarique Rahman to approach Deutsche Welle for making a “documentary” against the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and Awami League government.

Facebook post of Nafiz Md Alam propagating BNP’s press release.

Being instructed from their “high-command” BNP leaders along with Nafiz Md Alam approached Arafatul Islam and finally they cooked-up the entire plot of the bogus propaganda content.

Another source said, Nafiz Md Alam alias Don was selling alcoholic beverages and drugs by opening a Facebook page named ‘Syndicate International’. In addition to this Facebook page, Nafiz has established a strong network within Dhaka city’s Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Bashundhara and Uttara area for selling drugs and alcoholic beverages. He is maintaining gangs of youth in various areas in Dhaka, while his largest gang comprising 10-15 youth is from Dhaka’s Uttara area.

Facebook post of notorious terrorist and drug cartel leader Nafiz Md Alam

According to information, Nafiz Md Alam alias Don has been facing total nine criminal cases, including murder, attempt to murder, dealing in drugs, hijacking and extortion.

On November 4, 2021 Nafiz Md Alam alias Don was apprehended along with two of his accomplices from Dhaka city’s Bashundhara residential area. During that time, Nafiz Md Alam alias Don along with his female accomplices namely Ratri Khan (23) and Somaiya Prova (21) were arrested by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB). Huge volume of drugs, alcoholic beverages including 361 bottles of foreign liquor, 299 cans of beer, Pethidine injection, Buprenorphine injection, Cannabis etcetera were seized from his possession.

According to credible sources, Nafiz Md Alam alias Don is the ringleader of an organized drug syndicate operating within Dhaka city’s residential areas such as Gulshan, Banani, Uttara and Bashundhara. Name of his drug racket is ‘Syndicate International’, which peddles drugs and alcoholic beverages through social media platforms, while Nafiz Md Alam alias Don maintains a gang of youth to deliver goods to the clients. Slogan of ‘Syndicate International’ is “Anything is Possible”. In most cases, members of the delivery unit of Nafiz Md Alam alias Don were using motorcycles for faster delivery of drugs and alcoholic beverages.

Nafiz Md Alam alias Don has been roaming in the city with a sedan car bearing fake stickers pretending to be a member of a law enforcement agency. He also has been supplying girls to various posh hotels, guest houses and residences in Dhaka city.

Nafiz Md Alam alias Don was also having a strong footprint within Dhaka city’s Uttara area and is accused in a case lodged with Uttara West Police Station. But members of his gang in the Uttara area are still to be arrested by the law enforcement agencies. He has also been the organizing secretary of an organization named ‘Future of Bangladesh’ which operates from Uttara area. Some of the members of Nafiz Md Alam alias Don’s gang in Uttara are: Md. Hossain (34), who is a member of Uttara area’s notorious youth crime racket named ‘9MM Group’. Other members are Md. Shakil (24), Md. Mamun (23), Md. Siam A Khan (25), Md. Masud Hussain (24), and Md. Ony (36).

According to information, members of youth crime gang run under Nafiz Md Alam alias Don in Dhaka’s Uttara area are also involved in extortion, snatching, kidnap, rape, abduction, and other forms of criminal activities.

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